Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What's In Store: HomeGoods & Target

I have a theory that if you are patient, an item you've been looking for will eventually show up on the shelf at Target or HomeGoods.

Like these campaign tables...

I went on an exhaustive search for a campaign desk for my son's bedroom, and was finally able to find one on craigslist. Yet, just a few months later, I spot this one at Target...

And, that Pottery Barn mercury glass lamp that I wanted so badly, but wouldn't get because of the price tag?

Here's is the closest look-a-like I've seen at HomeGoods for a fraction of the price...

Here are some other goodies I spotted this week at HomeGoods. Maybe one of them is on your wish list?

Big red clock anyone?

Cool chair. Wish they would have had two.

I liked the seeded glass in this lamp base.

Rustic chic end table.

My mirror obsession reared its head when I saw this...

But, I behaved and walked away. See the mirror peeking out behind it? The frame is made out of corks. Get busy with that, you DIY girls!

These coffee tables were so pricey a few years ago...

I dig these gold accent tables. Guess you could say I'm a gold-digger :)

Bar carts are all the rage, and here was a promising one...

I'd spray paint it gold though.

Pretty upholstered pieces.

That's what I found in store this week. What has caught your eye lately? Hope you'll share with us. It might be just the thing someone's been waiting patiently to find :)


  1. Oh, I need to see if my HG has the gold and glass table. Great price.

  2. I've never heard of a campaign table...will it be used like a desk? Glad you found one!

    I love the furniture at Homegoods, some pieces are a little rickety but it doesn't claim to have fine furniture. I love their lamps and mirrors and they always great things to hang on the wall. Whenever I see something expensive in a catalog, I know I will find something like it at Homegoods for tons less!


  3. We don't have Homegoods here...yet. We are suppose to get one in the fall but I was in TJ Maxx last week and they had a knock off of a lamp I've wanted for ages that was way out of my league. Their version was only $39.99. I'd already DIY'd one though....but still might go back for it. But now I don't need it.

    I know those stores watch the blogs and pinterest to see what we are all craving and then they make it. I am digging that bar cart for sure.

  4. Wow- You found some great things. I love Homegoods but try to stay away-lol xo Diana

  5. love the bar cart...I'm going to Home-Goods today!

  6. found you through classic casual home today and have already added yout omy daily blog roll. :)


  7. I am amazed. I love Home Goods and can see I need to make another trip there!!Love the barcart and the Greek style end table!

    Designer Barry Dixon Feature

  8. I haven't been to Home Goods in quite a while. I think I need to go soon! I really like that red clock but what caught my eye in that photo was the wood-looking suitcase behind it! Those mercury glass lamps are fantastic too! I have a thing for lamps but mainly for clocks, chairs and pillows. Home Goods is a very dangerous place for me! LOL Hugs, Leena