Sunday, March 22, 2015

Eclectic Powder Room Before & After

Last night I went out to dinner with a friend, and she told me she was waiting for my next blog post, and I had better get on it. So, Christine… this one's for you.

Whenever I've been absent from my blog for a while, I figure the least I should do is show back up with a "before and after."

Therefore, may I present our newly refreshed powder room?

Here is how it began: basic, brown, boring...

You know how one thing leads to another? Well, I replaced the basic builder wall mirror with this cute cottage-y green mirror I picked up at Marshall's...

And before I knew it, I was replacing the beige toilet and countertop, painting the walls, and adding new accessories.

Pink walls… I know, I know… I tried to pick a different color, but what other color goes as well with a minty green mirror? It had to be done.

This powder room is right off our side entry (aka Grand Central Station), so lot of kids are using the facility. I wanted it to be colorful and whimsical.

I tried to use accessories that I already had, like the wall planter that I spray painted turquoise and filled with extra hand towels.

And, I moved this mirror in from another room. Because, duh, you can't have too many mirrors in a room, even a tiny powder room. I'm pretty sure I read that somewhere.

The glass bottles, ginger jar and art I already had on hand. The towel hook is from World Market, and the towel is from Target.

I absolutely love my new art print from Britt Bass Turner. I'm sure she always dreamed of having her art grace the walls above someone's toilet.

And, as much as I dreamed of finding a vintage kilim rug for this space, finding a 2' x 3' in pretty colors in a decent price range is practically impossible. Luckily, Urban Outfitters makes this perfect knock-off.

I'm really digging the eclectic, boho vibe of my little powder room. Small spaces like this are the perfect place to experiment with a different look.

If you've got a basic, brown, boring box of a room, why not step out of your comfort zone and shake things up a bit?

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