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Welcome to Sweet Chaos Home. I'm Carolyn, queen of the chaos.

I share a home with my husband, our four sons (ages 7 - 16), and a big ole' rescue mutt named Lucky. Our house is filled with noise, music, Axe Body Spray and nerf bullets. There are fingerprints on the walls, toothpaste in the sinks, dog hair on the floor, and toilet seats in the up position. And, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Well, I'd prefer the toilet seats to be down, but in a house full of boys, I have to pick my battles :)

Amid the chaos, I still try to create a beautiful home. I love the challenge of decorating with pretty things that are practical and can withstand the wear and tear of our family. I refuse to allow my home to become a frat house, and therefore, I add a pop of pink whenever I can get away with it.

In 2011, we embarked on our first major remodeling project, the renovation of our master bathroom. Without really knowing what I was getting myself into, I started this blog as a way to document the progress.

Much to my surprise, when the master bathroom was completed, I was contacted by The Nate Berkus Show. They wanted to feature my newly renovated room on the show.

Unfortunately for me, Oprah stole my 15 seconds of fame. I kid you not. My bathroom was supposed to be featured on the same episode where Oprah gave a tour of her house. But, the producer said that Oprah's segment went so well, they dedicated the entire show to it. (C'mon, Oprah… you're already famous!!) :)

Before they could confirm another air date, the show was canceled. Now, my one chance at stardom has long since been swept off the cutting room floor and is probably in some New Jersey landfill. Such is my life! :)

Fame and fortune notwithstanding, I can't believe that I'm still plugging away at my little blog 5 years later. I figured I might as well keep at it, and document the other home improvement and decorating projects I had coming down the pike.  I'm not the most consistent blogger, as I can't always find the time (or the peace and quiet) to write. I love having a creative outlet, but I don't want to miss out on any moments with my boys. I am so grateful for all the blog friends I've made, and I love hearing from my readers. They inspire me.

This blog has led to some wonderful opportunities. I now write a decorating column for a local magazine. And, I've been able to pursue my true passion of helping others create beautiful spaces for their families. Design is an absolute joy for me, and I get inspired by each new project that comes my way.

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