Friday, August 2, 2013

House Tour: The Foyer

Admittedly, I don't get much decorating done in my house during the summer.

There are too many fun distractions... hanging by the pool with the kids, walking the dog, playing tennis, cooking out and sipping cocktails with friends. Priorities, people :)

In an effort to make myself not feel like such a slacker, I've decided to focus on what I have gotten done in the 6 years since we bought our house. In a series of posts, I'll take you on a tour of each room in the house and show you how it looked on day one and how it looks today.

I'm hoping this will also help me get my blog more organized. Thanks to my decorating ADD, I tend to jump from room to room, and you may have gotten lost along the way :)

I suppose the best place to start would be the entrance to the house. Let's take a look at the foyer.

This is how it looked 6 years ago when we bought the house...

I remember walking in at the Open House and immediately being smitten with the wainscoting and door casings.

This is the foyer today...

Another before shot...

And today...

The changes we've made:

  • painted the walls Sherwin Williams Sea Salt
  • installed new wide plank hardwood floors that extend into the adjacent living and dining rooms
  • removed carpet from the stairs and stained the treads
  • painted the oak handrail Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black
  • painted the front door Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black

On the "to do" list:
  • new door hardware -- I'm betting on brass, unlacquered
  • maybe paint the bench. The bench has been in our family for ages and has had multiple coats of paint. I had it stripped and refinished several years ago, but I predict some chalkpaint in its future. Any color suggestions??

Gosh, I am exhausted from thinking about all that work. Think it might be time for a cocktail by the pool ;) Hey, it's Friday isn't it?

Thanks for joining me for the first room on the tour. I'll be back soon with the next one soon. Have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. What a beautiful transformation! That staircase alone would make me want to move into your house. Your foyer looks huge now! Great job!

  2. I have always thought your home was beautiful. I think your priorties are right where they need to be :)

  3. Just Beautiful! Love the colors & Thanks for sharing what they are. I may copy... : ) I was going to stain my oak banister, darker, but I really love the black.
    Nicely, nicely done.

  4. Very serene and beautiful! You should be proud!

  5. Love it and am really liking your organized list and photos

  6. That is really a beautiful entry hall. I love that it is so open and it was really a decent blank canvas to start with. You put the finishing touches in place-xo Diana

  7. I love it, Carolyn! The new floors made such a difference and I love the rug and bench...the perfect style. Can't wait to see more of your home. I know what you mean...does anything get done in the summer?!


  8. Your entry way is beautiful! I have the overwhelming urge to paint something Sea Salt or whatever it was called. So pretty. :)

  9. I love all the changes...the soft green is a great choice...

  10. Your foyer is lovely Carolyn and I like all the changes you've made over the years. The hardwoods are gorgeous and I like your bench. Such a fun post:) I understand the priorities.. enjoy the time with family and friends and I guarantee the house will be waiting when you feel like working on it:)

  11. This is simply Lovely! Great color choices:)

  12. Your foyer is beautiful, and BIG!!! Love it!

  13. This is the inspiration for my contractor! Thanks for sharing. Your home is stunning! :) Erin