Tuesday, August 20, 2013

House Tour: Sunroom

Good morning! Just loaded 3 kiddos on the bus, and my little guy is still sleeping, so I thought it would be a good time to take you through the next room in my house tour.

The sunroom is one of my favorite spots in the house, because well, it's so darn sunny! Located just off the family room and the master bedroom, the sunroom is the perfect place to soak in my daily dose of vitamin D.

This is a shot of the room when we first bought our house 6 years ago...

And, here it is today...

It's a large room that I've divided into 4 different "sections."

There's a sitting area...

The kids' art area...

A play area...

and a dining area...

I'm thinking about painting this little dresser. It holds all the kids art supplies.

I'm keeping an eye out for an area rug for the sitting area. Other than that, this is a happy place, and I'm pretty happy with the way it is :)

Thanks for checking out this stop on my house tour. If you missed the other rooms so far, you can check them out by clicking on the links below...


Have a great day!!


  1. love how you divided the spaces, and love its light and airy feel! a great relaxing space!

  2. What a wonderful light filled space! I particularly like that it comes equipped with a mini kitchen : )

  3. Carolyn, That room just says HAPPY to me- sunny and happy. I can see you sitting there with a cup of coffee or a coke and the kids drawing and playing and stuff strewn all about-just the way a family should operate. LOVE it. xo Diana

  4. Wow what a difference! I love the teal console table and how it has a tray of sorts- where is that from?

  5. That's a wonderful space out there! Love the colors and the furniture you've chosen to use.

  6. OMgoodness, I am just a wee bit jealous os this FABULOUS space! I love it all. I wouldn't paint that chest, I love it. I am going to go see the other rooms now:)

  7. Carolyn that is nice and bright and it is huge. Love how you divided it for different uses.

  8. Such a happy spot love the colors

  9. I just found your wonderful blog. I love your decorating ideas and changes. Did you paint the small tile squares? I wish you were close enough to give me some ideas for my tiny cottage house in NC!!