Monday, January 30, 2012

Friendly Places: Home Tour #5

Well, it's time for our first home tour of 2012! This beautiful home, located on the north shore of Massachusetts, belongs to my BFF and sister Debbie.

You wouldn't know it by these pictures, but Debbie hates decorating! I don't know how we are sisters. She hates shopping and decorating. And antiquing? Why would anyone want someone else's old junk? It kills me, I tell you. Especially since she is surrounded by some of the best antique places in the country.

Despite her disinterest in decorating, Debbie has managed to create a lovely home for her family of 4. It's a kid-friendly, dog-friendly, warm, welcoming and comfortable house. Perhaps I shouldn't use the word "warm." They seem to never have the heat on, and I need to wear 10 layers of clothing when I visit. Brrrr... Those New Englanders are a hearty bunch!

Come on in to the living room...

The french doors lead into the family room...

Told you it was dog-friendly. Do you spot Roxie and Clyde?

The most impressive room in the house is the kitchen. It was completely remodeled 6 years ago, and involved a 900 square foot addition. This photo, taken early in the construction process, shows you the old kitchen space...

And here is the kitchen now...

The original kitchen ended where the half-wall is located.

I love the view from the kitchen table.

Off the kitchen is the mudroom...

Debbie has a beautiful master bathroom that was remodeled a couple of years ago, and a cool firepit and patio that has been added since these pictures were taken. I'll have to share those with you another time, as she hasn't sent me updated pictures. Did I mention she doesn't quite get the whole blogging thing either? :)

Hope you enjoyed my sister's house!


  1. I love a house tour, and this is a classic beauty. Love the island and vent hood coming down in the middle. And those windows surrounding the kitchen table are wonderful!

  2. Ooo I live on the north shore. Always have. What a beautiful house!!

  3. Beautiful home, it's a shame she doesn't like to decorate with a house like that.

  4. I LOVE your sister's house. Especially that kitchen. For not loving decorating she has done a great job of pulling the house into a real home. xo Diana

  5. Now THAT is a kitchen!!!! Wow and that view! I would sit there for hours! What a pretty home!

  6. What a beautiful home! That kitchen is what dreams are made of - and imagine having breakfast with that view every morning. {psst: I think she's lying when she says she hates decorating!}

  7. I love seeing homes like this -- real people! It's a great home ... thanks for sharing!

  8. What a spectacular home! Just gorgeous. I am now experiencing a severe case of kitchen envy:-)

  9. It's terrific that you are showing homes of "real" people and not professionally decorated ones. Your sister's house is gorgeous - the rooms seem huge. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  10. Wow, that is quite the house for a non-decorator! My living room is exactly the same colour as your sister's. Beautiful home.

  11. Love this house -- what is the blue color in the kitchen. Looks kind of like SW Watery?