Friday, January 13, 2012

Home Organization with Wendi from Classic Chic Home

I am so excited to have my first guest blogger today! I don't know what took me so long, but I'm thrilled that Wendi from the fabulous blog, Classic Chic Home is here today.

Wendi's blog is filled with wonderful design inspiration and gorgeous images. But, what I didn't realize until recently is that Wendi is seriously organized! My goal for 2012 is to conquer the clutter in my house. So when Wendi mentioned that her house runs like a well-oiled machine, I knew I had to get her over here to tell us how she does it. I mean, just check out the woman's junk drawer...

Wendi is going to shed some light on dealing with my greatest nemesis.... paper!  Take it away, Wendi...

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Home Organization Ideas:  A Place for Paper

Thank you, Carolyn, for inviting me to write a guest post on "Organizing Ideas for the Home". It's a pleasure to be featured here today on your lovely blog!

Small boxes and magazine holders are ideal for hiding away paperwork that needs to be accessed on a regular basis. Placing labels on the front of each container allows you to find things quickly and stay organized.
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A wall dedicated to household planning allows the entire family to stay updated and on schedule. Allocate space for calendars, messages, personal file pouches and stationery supplies.
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Create a station for incoming mail. Sort items into categories such as "Priority", "To Pay" and "To File", by labelling clever DIY cubbies or stacking paper trays. Completing these tasks on a weekly basis will help reduce paper clutter.
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Place pretty baskets for magazines and newspapers in locations where they're easy to access.  Recycle papers weekly, and keep only as many magazine issues as your container can neatly store.
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Here are a few more pretty and practical ideas for putting household paper in its place...
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I hope this post has provided you with some creative ideas for organizing and storing the piles of paper in your home!

I'm so thankful to Wendi for the great inspiration! If you haven't visited Classic Chic Home yet, head on over there. You won't be disappointed!!


  1. Thanks! If there's one thing I need (besides liposuction) it's organization!
    Linda @ A Toile Tale

  2. Thank you for having Wendi as your guest. I loved this post and have picked up some tips.


  3. Those are such great organization ideas. I know this time of year is a good time to do that so everything is situated for the new year! I love to use baskets and drawers for my stuff.

  4. Great ideas Wendi! I keep my paper work at bay, but and I do mean a big BUT I am horrible at getting rid of my design magazines. I have had a lifetime of keeping them and to throw them away is difficult. I need to purge weekly like you suggested! Nice to see you doing guest post!! Really enjoy reading your post. Kathysue

  5. Thanks again, Carolyn, for inviting me to be your guest today and thank you for the lovely opener!
    Happy organizing!
    ~ Wendi ~

  6. Wow- some great ideas! I have the never ending pile of junk mail and real mail to sort. You have provided some great thoughts on that!

  7. I have become an organizing maniac lately so these tips are so timely. Wendi has found some outstanding tips!

  8. I have been going through every single drawer in this house and purging and organizing. Some great tips here! Thanks!!! XO, Pinky

  9. January is always my month for organizing and re=organizing! Love the Container Store.... do you have on near you, Carolyn? Oh my heavens. Could spend a day and a life savings there organizing every little thing.

    Great post!
    Great ideas!
    (Loved the row of cans for sorting mail too.)


  10. I love Wendi's post and am so happy to be a new follower!
    Stacy @

  11. So many great ideas! I'm in the process of tackling some home organization have have plans to blog about it, too. I love this time of year for that "fresh start" feeling.

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  13. fabulous tips ... i'm inspired! i would just like to sit and look at those pics of lovely organized spaces all day :o)

  14. So many colorful and pretty ideas!!! I really want to incorporate some of these!

  15. Thanks for having Wendi, Love her blog and she is such a great writer.

  16. Your organization gave me some spark on ideas on how start cleaning and clean clutters. Thanks for posting.