Monday, January 23, 2012

Our Basement

Wow! You all sure know how to make a girl feel good! I was blown away by all the nice comments you left about my sons' bedroom. You're really helping me keep the motivation to get organized and stay that way!

Today I'm going to show you another former disaster area.... our basement.  This space has been "kids central" for the past 4 years, and it literally looked as if a toy store had exploded down there. Every so often I would organize the toys, only to have it revert to disaster status in a matter of days. To keep my sanity, I'd close the door and pretend that part of the house didn't even exist.

Well, after several days of sorting, purging and organizing, and a few trips to Goodwill, the basement is actually presentable...

The main room of the basement is divided by a large brick fireplace.

One side is used for TV viewing and Wii playing...

The other side is where the real fun is...

I'm not talking about the bar (or am I?). This is where we have the pool/ping pong table and pop-a-shot.

Not to brag or anything, but I remain the undefeated queen of pop-a-shot.

Yes. Those are lego men dangling above the bar. Before the big clean-up, the bar was home to Hogwarts. The school was moved to another room, but apparently a few Quiddich players were left behind :)

The closet under the stairs became the perfect little house/grocery store for my younger sons. My 2 year old loves being in this little nook.

I didn't even try to stage this photo to make it look like I actually use the treadmill.

Here's a little glimpse at the "music room."

Now, this next room is not going to interest you or excite you in the least. I'm posting it for purely selfish reasons. I just want to document how clean and organized the work room is.

This room was the dumping ground for anything we didn't have a place for. Now I actually have room to work on projects in here.

Having the basement cleaned and organized has helped me regain my sanity. And, the best part is that we can actually use the area for entertaining.

I'd bet most of our friends didn't even know the basement existed :)


  1. CarolYn, that basement is amazing! It is so bright and cheery and clean! I'm impressed!

  2. I would love a room like that in my home. So would my kids
    Carolyn xx

  3. Nice finished basement. What a great space to hang out in. We chose not to put a basement on this house and sometimes I wish we had.

  4. Carolyn- What a beautiful basement! You did a great job on clean up and organizing. Seriously though, I think you should move that treadmill into the work room and you can walk and craft at the same

    Your space looks like it is a well-loved place by kids and adults alike. A real family home. xo Diana

  5. Wow! First of it the lower level! WE have a basement...a scary cobwebby basement with a dungeon of a laundry room!! This is did a great job and it shows!


  6. What a great basement, Carolyn... perfect for four busy little boys! You did a great job purging and organizing!
    ~ Wendi ~

  7. Wow! Can I live in your basement? (just kidding, ha) It's very impressive and I love the woodwork.

  8. Wowzer!!! Your basement is awesome! I love how it is divided by the big brick fireplace! What a cozy neat area. I know how good it feels to purge. We have been on a roll around here and now I want to tackle the kitchen!

  9. Oh my what a great space! I love the separate rooms for music and toys. The bar and pool area looks so fun. Congrats on getting everything clean an organized even the unfinished side!

    Really, how do you do it?
    It looks amazing, so tidy, icredible having 4 boys.
    (what are their ages?)

  11. Your basement is AMAZIZNG! I love the fireplace! I would take this for my living room anyday. Maybe one day I will get the motivation to organize our toys. That would make a huge difference.

  12. What a wonderful space for your family! I giggled when I saw what you wrote about the treadmill as I've been trying to convince my husband to get one. He says we'll never use it. Better not show him your's!!

    And I love the star on the mantel.

  13. Wow! That's a huge basement. You're lucky to have all that extra space for your kids and get togethers. We have a half basement that we just organized. I can relate to the joy that you have in how good it feels to be organized. Ours is just used for storage at the moment, but my husband is planning on finishing one side of it for his "man cave". Ha!

  14. What a great space Carolyn! I bet it wonderful to have with all your boys!! love the fireplace!


  15. I'm thinking about contacting social services because I fear that you have given all four of your boys to the gypsies. How else could you get bedrooms and playrooms this clean and keep it so long enough to take a photo? And btw, I see a sweet doll house on the shelf in the workroom. Could you be adding a girl in the family to play with it??????????
    Linda @ A Toile Tale

  16. Can I come over to play? Wow, what a wonderful space, love, love, love the fireplace.

  17. You did a great job on your lower level, notice didn't say basement:) You will have to have a party now for your friends to see! Visiting from Wow!

  18. What an awesome basement! It's like a whole other living area down there! I seriously laughed out loud about the treadmill.

  19. Your basement/lower level is a great space and the fireplace with exposed brick is just gorgeous!

  20. WOW! That basement is a fun zone!! Love the frames over the couch! Where are they from??