Monday, January 9, 2012

My New Year's Resolutions

Care to guess what my first New Year's Resolution is?  I'll give you a hint...


Mama needs to get the chaos under control. That means I am getting serious about purging, uncluttering, organizing, cleaning and running my house more efficiently. Be prepared to see some posts with organizational tips and pics of my progress. If you're getting organized this year, I hope you'll join me on the journey. We can inspire each other! If your house is already in tip-top shape, feel free to leave encouraging comments :)


I have a very nice camera, but you'd never know it by my blog photos! I think that's because I've been afraid of the owner's manual. It uses all sorts of intimidating terms like aperture, and there seems to be mathematics involved. Technical stuff makes my eyes glaze over and my brain shut down. But, no more!! I am on a mission to de-code the mystery of the camera, and I'll fill you in on any juicy tidbits I discover.

Source: via Softness on Pinterest


I have a dream of turning our carriage house into a little shop to sell painted furniture. But, the only way I can make that a reality is to start painting! Hoping this year I will make the time to work on this hobby.

via Real Simple

Of course, I'm also resolved to complete some decorating projects, have more patience with my children, be a better wife, improve my tennis game, learn to sew, eat healthier and get in supermodel shape for my 20 year college reunion. But, listing all those things would really overwhelm me.

I better run. I've got a junk drawer to organize!  I'd love to hear what your resolutions are for 2012.


  1. My own resolutions really echo a lot of yours- except for the tennis- I don't play tennis!;>) I spent hours this season sorting and storing my Christmas stuff...and yes...even purging a bit of it.

    Good resolutions~Good luck! xo Diana

  2. Good luck with your resolutions, Carolyn! I've had a really good camera for over a year now, but I haven't figured out how to use it yet, so I still use my little point-and-shoot! That's my goal for January (or possible February...)!

  3. Please tell me that the opening image is of a store. No home could be so organized!!!

    Wishing you success with your resolutions.

    Helen xx

  4. You're already pretty organized just by making a list! ha! All of your plans sound good. I think your pictures look fine, btw.

  5. Carolyn, you have the best resolutions! I could echo many of yours! Your shop idea sounds wonderful! Good luck with these!

  6. I also need to get more organized but since this has been my resolution since the 1990's I'm not holding out much hope! Re the camera manual - my solution with all manuals is to give them my 14 year old for interpretation and simplifying. He then tells me only the bits I need to know in the simplest language possible! Good luck x Sharon

  7. Good luck with your plans! I love the shop idea - I've always wanted to do that. My linen closet used to look like that with sheet sets tied with ribbons - not sure what happened to that...? I guess life. :)

  8. Young miss.... where is that resolution to learn to sew??? hmmmmmmmm ;-)


  9. I would love to own a little store. I make beach glass jewelery and large wine cork boards. Adding some cutely painted furniture would really make it pop! Speaking of... I have a master bedroom that is getting repainted this year! No more putting that one off for anything else.

  10. Love your list! Good luck with everything, I can't wait to see what your shop entails and just remember to enjoy it all! :)

  11. Sounds like we have many of the same resolutions - I got a new camera for Christmas and am working my way through all the buttons.

  12. hi Carolyn! Happy New year to you. Looks like we are thinking along the same lines here. I have so much I want to do and learn this year. Hope to accomplish at least half of it.