Monday, September 26, 2011

Very Pinteresting: Banquettes

I love a comfy banquette! Someday, way in the future, when I forget what a pain remodeling is... I'd like to renovate our kitchen. We have large sliding glass doors that we never use, and I want to replace them with a large window and built-in window seat. Below are some beautiful spots where I could sit for hours... or maybe nap while someone else makes dinner!

Source: via Susie on Pinterest

Source: via Melva on Pinterest


These banquettes are all lovely, and I don't wish to compare them to anything you'd find in a cheesy restaurant. However, as I was wasting time on Pinterest researching this post, a memory came flooding back to me. My sister and I were in high school, and had gone to the local Shoney's for summer waitressing jobs. In the training session, the manager kept telling us that water glasses had to be put on the table before the customer's "fanny hit the fabric."  Even the training video was about fannies hitting the fabric. Oh my word... was this really the best summer job we could find?!

We never had to worry about how quickly to serve the water. There was a fatal stabbing there before our first day on the job, and we decided our fannies would be safer somewhere else. But I digress...

So tell me... would you like to sit by the window?


  1. These are all awesome!! WOW factor for sure!!

  2. These are all awesome!! WOW factor for sure!!

  3. If you notice....It's always the pillows that make these areas look wow.

  4. That's quite the story!
    I love banquettes and used to have a lovely one in the kitchen of a former home. My parents have had one forever in the kitchen of the home they built in the late 50s. It's always been the favourite gathering spot.

  5. You picked the prettiest of the bunch, one as gorgeous as the next!! WOW.....makes me want to fit on in somewhere!

  6. Love everyone of these. I just love a banquette. How do you get the sources to show under the pictures from Pinterest. Mine doesn't do that.

  7. I love all the banquette seating you pictured. Wish I had something like that in my kitchen. I think I would enjoy sitting at the table longer then. But then again, maybe that would be bad. I would eat more because I wouldn't want to get up. Ha!

  8. I love those-each and every one of them! I have always loved that feature in a home. When we built our last place we had one built in with a windowseat being the backside of the banquette. The only problem was...they put the window too high so when the wood was placed on top the only ones that can sit on it are kids because otherwise adults' legs hit the table and won't go under. GRRRRR.. Great images you found! xo Diana ps...glad you didn't work at the STABBING place! Did someone stab the manager for telling them to "put the glasses on the table before their fanny hit the seats" one too many times?;>)

  9. Ohhh wonderful photos.. and have one of my own so will add my motherly caution.. for as much as I loved it the kids HATED it because it trapped them at the table between siblings ( shame on my for having so many!).. to rebel they would slide down under and crawl out under the table to get free.. veeeeeryyy

    Still love my area but will love it more when the kids are all moved out and hubby and I can sit there and enjoy a quiet Sunday morning!


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  11. Great pictures there. How fun would it be to accessorize with all those pillows! Now you have ME wanting a banquette!

  12. I love all of those examples. They all look so welcoming and cozy! But, I do see how they could kind of be a pain. If the person sitting in the middle of the banquette wants to get up everyone else sitting next to him also has to get up to let him out!

    Nonetheless, still beautiful...

  13. Oh.. my sweetest friend!

    This post is amazing!!!! Every single picture!

    I also want to thank you for what you wrote about my interview on Tina's blog. It was so sweet of you!

    Have a fantastic Tuesday!


    Luciane at

  14. I've always loved a banquette and this is a great roundup! I especially love the first one and the 6th with its colorful cushions. Beautiful!

  15. Thank you for some fantastic, inspirational photos. You have given me some fantastic ideas for my bay window area of the kitchen! Now I just have to decide which one to choose. Great blog by the way. x Jode

  16. Absolutely gorgeous!!!