Thursday, September 29, 2011

One Thing Leads To Another

You know how it is when you make one change to your house and it starts a domino effect?

That's the case with our staircases. They started out like this...

Foyer Staircase

Kitchen Staircase

The carpet was removed and the treads were stained to match the new dark floors.

Pretty simple, huh? But then there was the issue of this ...

The current red oak nosing was going to be right up against the new dark maple floors. I wasn't crazy about the two tones of wood next to each other.  So, we decided the nosing would be painted white.  And then it seemed logical to also paint the newel posts white. 

And as long as we were changing things up, I thought a sleek black handrail would look great against all that white.

Still a couple coats of paint to go, but this is how it's coming along...

I was loving the transformation of the stairs, but there was something I wasn't loving. The paint color on my kitchen walls. 

Thanks to a 40% off sale at Sherwin Williams, I decided to make another change. Guess what I've been doing the past two days?? Uh huh... I've been a painting fool, and I've got pretty new walls and a hand cramp to prove it! Pictures coming soon... of the walls, not my hand.


  1. Isn't that always the way? I despise painting but manage to get through it by constantly reminding myself of how much I'll love the final product. Can't wait to see! :)

  2. Oh that is so funny! That's exactly the way it goes here too! Sometimes we have to wait until we can afford to do the next 'domino', but we always end up doing it...

  3. Yep, there is always the domino effect. It must be the law. Love the stairs. That is what I would love to have done some day. Can't wait to see your new kitchen color and everything else.

  4. Uh-huh, same here. Love the new look of the stairs Carolyn - so classy! You did good! Hope your hand feels better.

  5. Your stairwell is awesome...such great choices...and face never ends. :)

  6. Your staircase looks great. Love the black handrail. Now you've painted the kitchen, you know it will lead to something else!

  7. I think you did the right thing with the staircase...the black looks great and I like the wood stairs better than carpet. Great job! Now I'd love to see the kitchen!


  8. Well, would you please hurry up so I can see the final result? Stay up all night and finish..kay?

    Isn't that the way it is though? One thing leads to another...paint one room and the next one looks bleak and dismal..and then you move forward....kinds like a kiss leading to a baby-ya know what I mean? Hugs- Diana

  9. Oh I can't wait to see the new color on the walls! I love what you did with your staircase. I know that was alot of work, but so worth it. it looks so rich and elegant now.

  10. There's SUCH a lovely feeling in having a finished project, isn't there? That always holds me on through the hard graft too!!


  11. Ha we're dealing with a major domino effect right now too. I love the way the stairs are looking and how your floor turned out too!

  12. I can relate to the feeling that once you finish a project something else needs to be done. If I'm ever feeling like my home is "finished" I'm sure I'll need to move.

    Your staircase looks beautiful!

  13. OK, I'm new to your blog, so hello! But when did you install the molding on the lower half odd your stair wall? It looks wonderful! And to tackle painting like this is really very brave. I'm so impressed! Hope you'll stop by my place, at!

  14. Enjoying catching up on your blog today! I totally understand the domino effect and just did this same post on my staircase! Mine is not nearly as grand as yours but I did have a dilemma with the handrails and decided to paint them black. We are pleased. Your remodeling is looking fantastic!

  15. stairs look fantastic--projects always seem to blend into each other don't they?