Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Look What Finally Showed Up


The floors are in da house...

Can't wait for them to finally be installed!! Prettier pictures coming soon.... I hope.

In unrelated news, I threw my back out carrying the latest "Restoration Hardware" catalog into the house. Holy cow. Have you seen the size of that thing?  Think I'll spend the next few weeks hours thumbing through it.

Peace Out :)


  1. You're hilarious about lifting that monster catalog. I visited their store recently and they gave me a catalog. I about died too. I told them it felt like a phone book! I can't wait to see the pretty pictures of your finished rooms soon. Those floors look great!

  2. Using the RH catalog as both a free weight and doorstop, haha. HUGE! Love your floors, so exciting...cannot wait to see it all done up!

  3. It funny you should mention that catalog. I received it yesterday in the mail....holly hanna....that thing is heavy. Can't wait to see how the floors turn out!
    Marianne :)

  4. Floors look terrific
    Yes I know what you mean about the restoration hardware catalogue, the postman slipped it through the letterbox and thankfully Spice Girl, our dog, was not hovering near the door or she would be like Joan of Arc.

    Helen xx

  5. Your floors are gorgeous!! What a relief for you, I bet!!

    Yes,,,I got the RH catalog and it floored me! Haven't looked at it yet, I will have to schedule a vacation for that!! lol!


  6. That catalog is HUGE.. $expensive..
    glad to see you (vs me) having to dust, dust, dust...been there, done that.

  7. nice floors!
    I wish there was a RH in Dubai. I love flipping through their catalogues - happy reading! :)

  8. The combination of wood floors and grasscloth walls are amazing and very naturally warm and elegant. I can't wait to see the final room!

  9. Oh man, I love the floors you chose! Gorgeous! And what a beautiful house you are creating!

    Loved the RH mag! Have fun flipping!

  10. So glad your floors are in and they look so beautiful and welcoming. Enjoy!

  11. Floor looks divine... how are you feeling about the grass cloth??