Monday, September 5, 2011

Chalkboard Love Notes

Hey there!! I hope you had a fabulous holiday weekend! Wouldn't it be nice if every weekend was three days long? It's so much easier to get things done around the house.

I want to share a little project that I finally found time to work on this weekend. I bought this big old frame several months ago at an antique shop.

It's chippy and worn in some areas, but I think that adds to its character. I love the ornate detail of it.

I thought it would look great framing a chalkboard.

When I first brought it home, it had a nasty, mildewed, warped backing which I promptly discarded. I went to the hardware store, and had them cut me a piece of nice, new plywood to fit in the frame.

I sanded the plywood to get it as smooth as possible. I then added a primer....

and applied two coats of chalkboard paint with a foam roller. While the paint was drying, I worked on the back of the frame. I removed the rusted eye hooks and wire, and attached ring hooks.

These ring hooks, attached directly to nails in the wall, enable the frame to mount flush against the wall.... not leaning forward like often happens with wire.

Here's the completed chalkboard hanging in the mudroom...

My husband asked why we needed a chalkboard. "To write love notes to each other?" he joked. I suppose we could, but I was thinking of leaving notes for the kids instead. Like this one...

Or this one...

Oh, I'm going to have fun with this!  :)

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  1. OMG!!! I'm laughing out load w/ the last message!!! I love it! I need to have a chalkboard now! :-)

    Btw, you're sooooo handy! It looks so great! Super job, Carolyn!

    xo to you!

    Luciane at

  2. I'm so glad you didn't paint over this beauty. I love the character, and, yes it does look good as a chalkboard.

  3. Just last week I asked my hubby to make me a chalkboard for our kitchen!!! Love yours!!! I need one longer and hope he will make me one! Love notes sound GOOD! We are empty nesters.... XO, Pinky

  4. Love it! Maybe my kids will actually listen when it's written on such a pretty space?

    ~ Meredith From A Mother Seeking

    A Mother Seeking...

    This week, "When Life Hands You Lemons..."

  5. What a gorgeous frame. Love chalkboards!! Great job.

  6. Very Cute! I have a chalkboard in our kitchen and I like to change it out for the seasons!

  7. This frame is gorgeous Carolyn! Love what you did with it. The color you painted it is perfect.

  8. FABULOUS! My daughter (Mum to four little boys) would LOVE your messages!

    Deborah (happily visiting from

    {Sure hope you can drop by too!}

  9. Great idea and the frame really tops it off! Very nice. I wanted to say thanks again for stopping by and I look forward to visiting you again soon.


  10. What gorgeous details. I just love that something so useful can be so gorgeous also. I need a chalk board also.....I have been seeing lots of them, and I love them but this one is gorgeous. Nice.

  11. Oh, I totally need to make one of those that says "Hang up your backpacks" AND "Don't kick your shoes off into the dining room table"

  12. Wow! That project turned out great! The frame was nice on its own but the chalkboard made it even better. I think you should write, " I made this gorgeous piece". Shannon

  13. Cute! Love a good DIY project. I need to make myself a chalkboard! liz

  14. This is just precious! I would love to make one for my kitchen (command central). Yours turned out beautifully! I am vising from WOW! Hope that you can visit me sometime. :-)

  15. That is a fabulous frame--so many pretty details. Great chalkboard tutorial, especially the tip about the type of hanger and foam roller. Thanks so much for linking to Share the Love Wednesday!

  16. Lovely way to get your messages across! Saves voice strain from saying the same things over and over again!

  17. Ha! Yes boys of all ages need reminders don't they? Love the chalk board.

  18. hang up your back packs sounds like me haha. Love the chalkboard the frame really looks great against the black of the chalkboard

  19. Ha! Let me know if your "Hint Board" works.