Friday, March 1, 2013

Friendly Places Home Tour #7

Let's head into the weekend with a little home tour, shall we?

Today's "friendly place" is the home of my sweet friend (and tennis buddy), Kerry. 

After moving three times in 7 years, Kerry and her family had become pros at moving into a house, settling in quickly, and turning the house into a home.

Kerry had originally hoped to find new construction, but wasn't finding anything in the area she was targeting. Then she stumbled upon this house. It was a bit older and lacking some of the features she wanted, but more square footage and a gorgeous pool won her over.

So far I haven't seen any lacking features, have you?

Kerry did a complete paint makeover of the house, using many of the paint colors she had used in her previous home. 

I love this sunroom with a fireplace off the kitchen.

Notice the silver champagne bucket in Kerry's dining room? It's actually her husband's tennis trophy...

I've got to improve my tennis game. All I've ever won is a bag tag, which doesn't really go with my home decor. But, I digress.

Oh Maria... Louis chairs, a settee, a piano and a garden stool... these are a few of my favorite things!

Home office...

How clever is this salvaged kitchen cabinet turned bookcase? ...

Master Bedroom...

Guest bedroom...

Kerry did a wonderful job using what she had in her previous house and making it fit beautifully in this home. Her family has lived in the house for 5 years now and aren't planning to move any time in the near future. So, Kerry is excited to make some changes and tackle projects to fit her changing style.

She loves antiques and vintage items, but also loves the lighter, brighter looks that are trending right now. She's enjoying the challenge of merging her tastes. 

And, fortunately for us, Kerry has started a blog to document the evolution of her home. Stop by and visit her at I'm sure she'd love to "meet" you.

And, if you're lucky, she'll serve you a drink poolside.

Well, maybe not just yet... but summer is getting closer. Happy March!!


  1. I enjoyed my tour. Her home is very nice.

  2. It's a beautiful house and she did a great job with it! xo Diana

  3. Thank you, thank you for your sweet words about our house and the feature! I had to laugh out loud about the trophy, and loved what you wrote about our music room -- you have a gift with words Carolyn. As soon as it gets warm (it has to get warm some day, right?) you'll have to come over for that drink by the pool!

  4. Kerry's home is warm, inviting and beautifully decorated. I especially love her dining room.
    Thanks for sharing, Carolyn!
    ~ Wendi

  5. Hi Carolyn,

    Such a beautiful home! The living room is gorgeous .. the couch looks so comfortable and I like the fabric. I love the way she styled the shelves! Wow, looks fantastic! ..and the it:) When we lived in CA it seemed that we all had pools. Living in Seattle, our summers are so short that we don't bother. I do miss that!

    Have a nice weekend!

  6. Not sure anything is lacking in this home at all ~ it's gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Its Beautiful!! Can you tell me where you purchased the 3-tier basket ite in the dinning room?

  8. Just gorgeous! The pool would have won me over too!

  9. Such a beautiful home....she did a wonderful job!