Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Reflections of a Mirror Addict

I began writing this post simply to share the new sunburst mirrors I added to my family room wall.

They're from the Suzanne Kasler collection for Ballard Designs, and I'm totally digging them. I have one more that I need to hang somewhere, but I can't make up my mind where I want to use it. Perhaps on a bookshelf or on my newly-painted black door.... hmmmm...

As I walked around the house, contemplating the perfect spot to hang my little mirror, it dawned on me that I might have a teensy weensy obsession with reflective objects.

Or perhaps I'm in denial and actually have a full-blown mirror addiction. I'll let you be the judge.

In my dining room I recently hung this capiz mirror.

My living room is home to two mirrors. One surrounded by my audubon prints.

And one above the settee.

There's a mirror in the front entry.

And a mirror in the side entry.

One in the upstairs hall.

And one above my bed.

There's a large mirror in the guest room.

as well as a smaller one.

And I swapped out one large builder grade mirror for two mirrors in the guest bathroom.

And these are only the decorative mirrors, people.  There's still plenty of other mirrors in the bathrooms and bedrooms.

Now, if Carly Simon's "You're So Vain" has started playing in your mind, please know this. I love the look of mirrors. I don't love looking in mirrors. In fact, if you run into me towards the end of the day, I'm likely to be pale and have makeup smudged under my eyes. That's right. Even with this many mirrors, I don't check myself out and reapply lipstick accordingly (sorry mom).

So, why all the mirrors?

I suppose I'm originally attracted to them because of the shape or style or material of the frame. And, I love them for their reflective quality and ability to make spaces seem larger or more open. The price tag is generally reasonable, and they're less of a financial and decorative commitment than art.

Do you share my addiction to decorating with mirrors? Or should I take a long hard look in the mirror and realize I need help?


  1. When people come to our house, that's one thing they comment on. I LOVE mirrors for reflecting light. I have several in every room!!!

  2. Yu have a great collection of mirrors! The starburst mirrors are so pretty and I've alwys loved the ones in your bathroom. I have a few here and there and it's funny, I never look in them, I guess because I think of them as decorations. I like how they make rooms bigger, too.


  3. Your mirrors are beautiful, Carolyn. We have 21 mirrors in our home! Wow! I was surprised the number was that high! I love them for the way they enhance the natural light and add dimension to a room. Like you, the only one I ever look in is the bathroom mirror.
    ~ Wendi

  4. You have a beautiful collection of mirrors Carolyn and they're all displayed beautifully!

  5. LOL- I am a mirror nut, too! You can never have too many mirrors is my motto. You have a wonderful collection- xo Diana

  6. I had to chuckle when I read this as it reminded me if my now 21 year daughter had a mirror fixation when she was a little girl. It was hilarious and coincided with an imaginary friend;). It would drive her brother nuts.. fun memories.

    Love all the mirrors .. especially the sunburst at the top!

    My new blog is up and running. It's good to be back:)


  7. From now on when I want to add a mirror I'm just going to! Yours are all so pretty and no there aren't too many. I love the way mirrors bounce light and reflections. They are definitely better than most average artwork.

  8. Hi Carolyn, I just found you from Sherry at No Minimalist and joined as a follower, love your blog!!

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  10. They're all beautiful! I have quite a few in storage back in Canada. I love how they help bounce light around a room and I find they are much less of a commitment than art, which you can sometimes tire of. I would have more in this apartment if we could drill into the concrete walls to hold them up!

  11. Ok, so I totally get this! Whenever I see a blank wall, my mind FIRST sees a mirror there. I think it's a sickness! :-)

  12. I think that mirrors have an amazing effect on a room and I have always been a fan of circular ones and mirrors with interesting frames or unusual shapes. I love your selection.

  13. I use a ton of mirrors and never get sick of them . I LOVE love love these three gold ones - they look perfect!

  14. Your home is so inviting...love all the great mirrors you found!

  15. First of all, your house looks wonderful and I too have a slight obsession with mirrors right now...there are just so many beautiful choices. Thrilled to be your newest follower!!