Monday, February 18, 2013

House Plants Even I Can't Kill (Hopefully!)

I've recently added some living organisms to my my abode, and I'm not referring to more kids or dogs.

I'm talking plants. Plants that anyone can keep alive. Even a gardening-challenged person such as myself.

The lucky bamboo I showed you was only one of my recent nursery purchases. I also picked up some more of my go-to, extremely-difficult-to-kill favorites.... succulents.

I love the interesting shapes and colors of succulents.

They're perfect for adding texture and interest to a tabletop, bookshelf or bathroom counter.

It's not strictly succulent around here though. I have tried my luck with orchids, and sometimes I can keep them alive for a pretty good stretch.

Angel's Tears seemed pretty easy to care for, so I put some in the pots on my coffee table.

I was really enjoying the look of this delicate greenery. That was until my brother sat on my couch and started singing, "cha cha cha chia..."

Now I'm thinking I might need to draw some faces on the pots.

What plants do you use around your house? Succulents? Orchids? Chia pets?


  1. I have terrible luck with my house plants. I usually just replace the ones I have killed on an annual basis! I have had good luck with spider plants and phyladendrons (sp?). I have one orchid still hanging in there too...

  2. My favorite of all...the huge palms you buy at Lowes for $10...that live for months...I have kept mine for very long periods. But when that don't feel bad about replacing. I love plants..have them all over!

  3. I am your newest follower. I came over from Sherry's recommendation at No Minimalist Here. I hope you check out Uptown Acorn soon. You have a beautiful home with great curb appeal.

  4. I love house plants and have at least one in almost every room of our home. Ivies and Day Lilies are both easy to keep looking healthy and vibrant.

  5. I have a black thumb and pretty much everything dies...even succulents. I bought an air plant and it even bit the dust!

  6. I do love succulents...seems you can pretty much ignore them!

  7. Hi, I've just visited your blod and became your follower immediately. Loved your home. By the way I'm Turkish and also have a blog:)

  8. Peace lilies work for us and not much else. We can grow anything outside but not inside.