Friday, February 22, 2013

Black Door Friday

Happy Friday!!

I'm referring to today as Black Friday, or more specifically, Black Door Friday.

It's the day I finally completed a project that I'd been contemplating for a long time.

Inspired by these Pinterest images...

I finally took a paintbrush (and a foam roller) to my boring white front door...



I'm loving the change, and think it will look even better with unlacquered brass hardware, such as this...

The door is appearing blue in these photos, but it definitely reads black in reality. I used SW "Tricorn Black" in a satin finish.

You may have noticed in my "before" pic, I had curtains on my sidelights. While I appreciate the privacy factor and the sun protection for my hardwood floors, I think the door looks better with exposed sidelight windows.

Do you have sidelights? And if so, do you cover them or leave them exposed?

What is a girl to do? Give up running naked through the house, or cover the windows?
It's a tough call :)



  1. Your black door looks terrific, Carolyn! That's the same color I painted mine and I love it! I have sidelights too. I had them covered for a while but prefer the look of nothing covering the windows. Our entry is all open to the living room, though, so sometimes when I'm crashed on the sofa I wish they were covered! If I had the right layout for it, I've always loved this look:

  2. I love your front door! As soon as we get a new door (the original was damaged during Storm Sandy) I plan to paint it black too.

    We have sidelights too and we have never covered them. Hopefully the mailman has never seen "too much"!

  3. The black door looks fantastic especially with the rug there. Love the sidelights.

    I had sidelights at my last house. In fact, you just made me realize that the reason my entry in this new house is so dark is that we don't have sidelights. It makes a huge difference.

  4. Haha...there is something to be said for privacy, but I like how the sidelights look without curtains.

    The black door looks fantastic! I love all of your inspiration photos and what a difference a little black paint made! Awesome!

  5. Love the door Carolyn! We have the sidelights too and I like them uncovered . . . though I have considered covering the lower halves just to keep the dog from barking at passersby!

  6. I love, love, love black mixed in with everything. We have tons of black in our house too and I actually felt sort of alone out here in blog land since everyone is mostly WHITE, which I love also. It looks absolutely awesome!

  7. That looks so sharp! I have contemplated doing that to our doors as well. My husband, well, he's not so fond of the look. I personally think it looks way sharp!

  8. Love the light from sidelights, but not the lack of privacy! We got some of that film stuff that you cut and smooth over the glass, that makes it look like it's frosted....I can't remember what it's called, but it looks lovely, not tacky, like it probably sounds from my rambling description!

    More importantly, your black door has inspired me!

  9. Love the black door! Such a great punch for your entrance. I've had sidelights too but used a frosted film to provide some privacy. No need to give up naked vacuuming ; )

  10. What an amazing difference, love it. Been thinking about it for my home and the more I see the more my decision is made for me. Thanks for sharing. Lorretta from NH.

  11. I love the black door! My husband and I are in serious negotiations about painting our family room doors and window moldings black. I know it will look fabulous.

    I love the side lights uncovered!

    Have a great weekend!


  12. Your black door looks awesome, Carolyn! I prefer the sidelights uncovered as well, but you could always add a vinyl frosting if you're worried about damage to your floors.
    Have a lovely Sunday,

  13. I love the added a little drama!

  14. I loved it white and I love it black. Looks so great with your rug and floors

  15. totally love the black door! and your rug must have been yearning for so perfect a companion ... it looks fabulous!

  16. LOVE the door painted black Carolyn!! I want to paint the inside of my front door too but can't decide on a color.

  17. There's something about the black door that gives off a sexy and mysterious feel to the owner/s of the house. I know! It's crazy, right? But, that's how black doors appeal to me. It even depicts the class and elegance that I want my future house to have.

    Vernie Herr