Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I've "Fallen" and I Can't Get Up

Okay... I know that in blogland I'm a day late and a pumpkin short for getting my house decked out for Fall. But, give me a break. It's been 80+ degrees here... not exactly feeling Fall-like! While my front porch is still devoid of Fall fare, I did manage to pluck the half-dead flowers from my side entry planters and add some things more October-appropriate.

Would you like a closer look? Well, you're getting one anyway. I was playing with my camera and new tripod, so please indulge me. (FYI...Miss Mustard Seed said I should get a tripod. Do you think my photos look as good as hers now? Yeah. I didn't think so.)

I filled the window box with cabbage and kale. I used gourds for color. Most people would plant mums for that purpose, but gourds don't need to be watered :)

Oversized kale went in my hayrack planters.

My attempt at being artsy fartsy with my tripod.

Aren't these pretty? I may never go back to orange.

And, last but not least...

... a little door decor!

That's as far as I've gotten with Fall. I'm thinking I should put my 5 year old in charge of the rest of the decorating. He came home from a friend's house with this creation...

Check back soon for the tutorial :)

Before you leave, I wanted to share one of my favorite Halloween decorations with you. My sweet and talented friend, Joy, made this for me.

She made this wicked cool witch with cut paper. I love it!

I'll be featuring more of Joy's art soon. You won't believe what she does with old windows!

Well, that's Fall all, folks!

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  1. Your porch is coming along nicely and I love the kale photos the best! Your photos do look very professional to me, that tripod must have been a good buy:) Enjoy your new look porch. God bless x

  2. Lovin' all the Fall puns! I really think the cabbage looks better than plain old mums anyway, and your friend really is talented!

  3. You are SO funny!! Now I want a tripod too because your pictures came out wonderful! Love your window box and don't have to water pumpkins and gourds but here you have to stand 24 hour watch to keep the squirrels from eating them!

    Good job and I think your son is a budding artist!!


  4. I don't blame you for waiting a while to put fall decorations up. When it still feels like summer, it's hard to get in the spirit of decorating with pumpkins and colored leaves!! I really like what you ended up doing though. Your cabbages and kale look very nice! Also I love the soft colored pumpkins you used.

  5. So very cute! I love your porch and all your fallified decor. I am on Halloween now and then back to is a vicious cycle I tell ya!

  6. Your porch looks lovely! I know what you mean about the temps - it's still 100F here in Dubai and i can't find a whole pumpkin or a coloured leaf here anywhere so no fall decor for me. I'm loving your huge kale and the pumpkins! But of course my favourite is your son's art xo

  7. Don't blame you, who can think of Halloween when its 80 degrees!! Insane!
    Love how it came out, and those pumpkins are so agree how can you go back to bright shocking orange when you have all these lovely muted colors, who knew pumpkins would become such a fashion accessory!!

  8. What beautiful photos. Love the pictures of the kale. Have them out front of my boutique flower shop. They are always so hardy and stunning.

  9. Hi Carolyn! Nice to "meet" you! Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving your sweet comments. I love your blog! Your front entry is just gorgeous! I love all of your fall decor. So warm and welcoming! I am now your newest follower and would love it if you would follow me, too! God bless you!

  10. Awww... this is great! And you made me laugh! :-)

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend, my friend and enjoy the good weather... it's pretty chilly here already.


    Luciane at

  11. Your pictures are beautiful! Guess now I'll have to have a tripod too! The cabbage is gorgeous!

    I understand about not feeling Fall. Finally we have dropped out of the 90s (I'm wispering).

    Thanks for linking to Potpourri Friday! You have made the party more fun!

  12. I read that about the tripod.....dang...another thing to buy and learn how to use. Your pictures are great though!

  13. Your porch is coming along nicely and I love the kale photos the best! Your photos do look very professional to me, that tripod must have been a good buy:) Enjoy your new look porch. God bless x