Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cooking Up Color in the Kitchen

Last week I told you that a sale at the paint store prompted me to change the color of my kitchen walls. To be honest, I was never really thrilled with the color we had painted it a couple of years ago. The color was Sherwin Williams' Wheat Grass, and we primarily chose it because it blended well with the yellow walls in the hallway and the toile wallpaper in the dining room.

Now that we have kissed the toile goodbye, it seemed a good time to change things up. This is how the kitchen looked when we bought the house 4 years ago...

Unfortunately, in my haste to paint, I didn't get a decent shot of the kitchen painted with the "Wheat Grass." Here are a couple pics that at least give you an idea of the color...

And here it is today, painted in SW Comfort Gray...

Here's a close-up ...

Looking into the family room...

Comfort Gray is an interesting color. Depending on the light, it can look really blue or greenish-gray. It always takes me a while to get used to change, but so far I'm liking it. It looks great with the grasscloth in the dining room and the chocolate brown walls in the side entry. It also picks up some of the blue that I have in the striped chair in the family room.

I'm not loving it with the yellow wall in the stairway.... hmmmm.... dominos....

Oh, and before we leave the kitchen, I just had to show you these little measuring cups...

I got them from Anthro a while back, and I love them! The only thing that gets measured in them is dust, because I leave them out on display :)

Now I better get to cooking something in the form of dinner, before the natives get restless. 

Hope you're having a great week! Thanks for stopping by, and as always, I'd love to hear from you! I don't like talking to myself :)

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  1. That color looks so good in your kitchen. Love it. Yes, the domino effect is unending.

  2. So pretty! Love the new color. Wow you have a fantastic space. You could do like 10 cartwheels from the from the kitchen to the dining room!!! :)

  3. Great colour! And, adorable measuring cups.
    Everything is lovely


  4. Yep, I'm loving the change....although I can see what you mean about the stairway! Try not to look, because then you'll have to do the upstairs hall....and then....

  5. Great choice in color...really lightens things up beautifully and love those Anthro cups!! Great looking....

  6. That color makes your cabinets look brand new! So pretty. Isn't it amazing what paint can do? So lovely. I really like your chairs too...they are fantastic.

  7. Love the new grey. It makes your cabinets look just rich with color! Hmmm...I think I see some scaffoling coming out for the stairwell? xo Diana

  8. I'm loving the soft gray color! It adds more depth to the room.

  9. Your kitchen is beautiful and the color is gorgeous! What a wonderful room with so much room!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;0

  10. Oooooh Carolyn I love it! Totally changes the whole look of the room! U r so good! Dominos...u crack me up! Xo

  11. I really like the change. I'm just like you when I change things. I have to adjust to it before I'm completely in love with it. I'm contemplating repainting my foyer. I like it early in the morning and and at dusk. In the middle of the day it looks too yellow. I may bite the bullet and just start it. It's a huge undertaking though. See? You may do the same thing huh?

  12. Love love love the colour! It really looks great with all the wood - it's amazing how just a paint colour can make an entire space look new. :)

  13. Oh...I do like and it is one of the colors I have sitting here in a paint chip.. I like it in your kitchen even more than on the chip!


  14. It looks so good. Love the changes. You did a great job.

  15. Your kitchen is so pretty!!I love the color.


  16. So beautiful. I love the gray color that you chose. It's a wonderful contrast with your cabinets. Your whole house is looking so warm and beautiful.

  17. Hello! I'm over from one of the 'parties' -- and I LOVE your kitchen, especially your window, it's GORGEOUS! So nice and big. I also have those little bowls. ;)
    Don't you just love them?

  18. The color is wonderful. Such a warm and comforting home. Enjy your new look. I also must say I just love that clock, works that area perfectly.

  19. Your home is beautiful! I love all the windows!!

  20. You have a lovely home. The wall colour is really an improvement from before and your kitchen looks so bright and fresh!

  21. Very pretty-thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday!

  22. Love this color. Those measuring cups are fantastic. I love just about anything from Anthro!

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