Monday, July 25, 2011

Winning and The Nut House

No. This isn't a post about Charlie Sheen. Although we apparently have a few things in common. 

Duh... winning! I have rarely won a giveaway or drawing in my life. In fact, I can count the number of times on two fingers. So, I was thrilled when Chania at Razmataz informed me that I had won her blog giveaway, a house number sign from Ramsign.

Here is a photo of how my side entry looked before last Thursday.

And, here is how it looks with my prize on display.

Here's a closer shot...

Isn't that cute? I'd like to thank Chania, Ramsign,, the academy, all my family and friends, and all of you. I couldn't have won this without you. Sorry. Like I said, I don't win things very often. This may be the only acceptance speech I ever get to make.

This leads me to the next thing I have in common with Charlie. The Nut House. He needs to  live in one. I already do. Or so my parents think.

My birthday was yesterday, and this is one of the gifts I received from my mom and dad.

They said when they saw it, they knew it would be perfect for me. Ummmm.... thanks?

So, what's new with you? Are you feeling like a winner, or are you ready to check into the nut house?


  1. Congratulations and a long awaited, well deserved win. I purchased one of the signs from them this past spring and love it.

    Life is great with me, I had the best weekend, see my blog. I am still giggling when I think of the fun we had and this week is working out to be very exciting
    Helen xx

  2. That's funny! Wonder what they mean by that. Love your new sign. I have been trying to win one, but not yet. Happy birthday, too.

  3. Awesome! I love these signs and back a few months ago I hosted a giveaway. Looks great..congrats to you.Happy Birthday!

  4.'s good to be nuts sometimes LOL! I have a saying with my boys and that is do NOT call us Normal.

  5. Congratulations on your win! I have been wanting numbers for my house like these FOREVER!! Happy Birthday, too! Your sign would fit here very well! :-)


  6. Lovely and nutty! And have a wonderful birthday...


  7. Congrats, you lucky girl! Your side entry is so pretty.
    Guess you are the daughter of a couple of nuts!

  8. When I saw the title of your post on my dashboard, my mind immediately went to Charlie Sheen!!! lol Too funny. Believe it or not, I am one of the few less fortunate people who went to see him on his recent tour. (Obligation through my hubby's work, client had tickets, we couldn't say no) Anyway.....let me re-assure you of something, Charlie is not winning....but YOU ARE!!! Congrats on the new sign.:)

  9. What a funny post! Love it when you get those from people and you don't know if you should be pleased or insulted! Hah!

    Hope you had a happy birthday!

  10. Congrats!! I have a Ramsign as well and I love it! It looks great on your beautiful porch. I love the sign too, too funny. :)

  11. your entryway is so cute and enviting!

  12. Happy Birthday...congratulations on winning something....and I love the trim on the entrance to your front. Really love.