Sunday, July 3, 2011

What's Important

This week I experienced a great loss. My close friend for over 20 years lost her mother suddenly and unexpectedly on Monday. She was only 63 years old.

While looking for her mother's will, my friend discovered a piece of paper handwritten by her mother with the following words... 

What's Important!
  • be available for friends/family
    • emotionally
    • physically
    • financially
  • have close personal friends and be one
  • know "happening" people
  • help others with
    • time
    • treasures
    • talents
  • be engaged in worthwhile, exciting work
  • be committed to projects/work of importance
  • earn money for higher life style
  • balance work/play/self
  • continue to learn, grow, improve
  • stay current
  • explore new places, people and ideas
  • keep healthy, fit, high energy, strength, endurance
  • do something new or be involved in its development
Life is too short to be ordinary!
Laugh, smile, be happy - have fun!!
Appreciate life
Harmony, compassion, cooperation, sharing reverence for life

I love her words, "Life is too short to be ordinary," because she was anything but ordinary. She was fun, cool, creative, quirky, smart, interesting, loving and compassionate.

Her "What's Important" list described the way she lived her life perfectly.

It inspired me to think about what's important in my life. My list would be similar in some ways, different in others. If I wrote out a list would my life reflect the items on it?

Thank you for letting me share these words with you. I hope it might inspire or remind you, as it did me, to remember what's important in life.


  1. Great post!

    Thank you so much for sharing.

    Condolences to your friend upon the sudden loss of her mother, that is a tough one to deal with so unexpected like that.

  2. I can imagine how much joy this brought your friend, during this very sad time. The list truly includes all that is important. I am going to print it and keep it. Many thanks

    Helen Tilston

  3. What a sweet post! There is so much truth and meaning in her words!

  4. Oh boy, that is so sad, but what she wrote is so special to find...she wanted it that way. Thanks for sharing that.

  5. P.S. My sincere condolences to the family and friends.

  6. Very inspiring and thought provoking. Thank-you for sharing. x Sharon.

  7. Wow... this is so profound and spoke to my soul. Interesting enough, but today I woke up and thought of somebody that also went "home" to soon. I thought of how precious really is.

    Life is precious and we're so gifted for being here. Taking it for granted is the worse you can do for yourself and the people that loves you.

    This list is wise in so many levels. I feel sorry for your loss and your friends. But she probably knows how wise her mother was and now, also inspiring to us..

    God bless you.


    Luciane at

  8. that was good to read. might need to make my own list. :)

  9. Those are great words! We all need to slow down and think about who we want to be in life once in awhile. Sorry for the loss of your friend.

  10. Sadly, I know how hard it is to lose your mom unexpectedly and way too early. It's beyond devastating, but the pain and hurt slowly get smaller (they never completely go away, though).

    Your friend's mom's list is so inspirational - I hope her words help both of you get through this rough time.