Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What's In Store: HomeGoods and Tuesday Morning

Thanksgiving is almost here, and I know you're probably busy getting ready for it. Perhaps you're feeling a bit overwhelmed or stressed out?

Maybe a little virtual retail therapy will help? I thought so :)

Here are a few things that caught my eye at HomeGoods the other day.

You will notice I photographed quite a few blue and white objects, as I was shopping with my mom's dining room in mind.

These tufted storage ottomans were available in red and brown, too.

That black and gold mirror was calling my name. I had to ignore him as part of my 12 step program for mirror addiction.

This was a pretty substantial ginger jar. I came home with two smaller ones. They don't have a large selection of them, but I've scored 4 in the past two weeks.

Sorry about the blurry iPhone pics. I'm sure someone must have been shoving me in the back with a cart when I snapped this one.

Another sleek, hip mirror.

These little ottomans looked fresh and fun.

If you need a plaid blanket, this is the time to get one. I searched for months when I needed one for my son's tween room. Now they are everywhere. So it goes.

Lest you think I only shop at HomeGoods, I also hit the local Tuesday Morning yesterday. I find it to be very hit-or-miss, but I have found a couple of items there lately that I am totally digging.

I didn't take a picture, but I bought two seagrass doormats for seven bucks each. Score!

Also, I was surprised and delighted to see these..

Kantha quilts for $39.99.

I've been searching high and low for a kantha, but sadly, central Indiana is not an international shopping mecca. It's hard to find vintage ethnic textiles. Who woulda thunk that Tuesday Morning would be so cutting edge?

I liked the pattern of these dog beds. I didn't get one though. Last time I brought home a new dog bed, Lucky peed all over it. This is my life, people.

Well, I hope that little shopping trip calmed your nerves. Now you can get back to your Thanksgiving preparations.

Hang in there! We'll be in a food coma soon enough :)


  1. Oh. You gave me my Homegoods fix!! Any time I'm anywhere else...Kohl's, Target, whatever, I tell myself, wait, Homegoods will have a better deal. Good luck with your shopping. Lately I've just been looking at smaller things for Christmas...serving dishes, candles and the occasional elf.


  2. Hey! I enjoyed going shopping with you. I'm stuck inside with cold rainy weather. I love shopping at those stores. I saw a lot of pretty things you found. Tuesday Morning is surprising sometimes aren't they? They have the best deals though!

  3. I went to homegoods last week to look for those ginger jars you scored for your mother's dining room. I may have taken two of my sick kids with me. And their tissue boxes. Allegedly. Alas my store didn't have them but thanks for the tip. I will keep stalking them :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Thanks for the shopping. I don't have a Home Goods near me, alas. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Such fun shopping with you. I love the dog beds, too...but not if your dog won't...I think my dog would like it though.

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