Monday, November 11, 2013

Pink Silk Drapes… A Sneak Peak

Good Monday morning!! Hope your week is off to a great start.

My dining room window treatments were installed last week, and I thought I'd give you a sneak peek at them.

The windows had been naked for way too long. Which may have caused some dinner guests to be blinded by the sun.

I chose to finally dress them in bamboo blinds and pink silk with a greek key trim on the leading edge.

They're not ready for a full reveal yet. Some of the rings were backordered, so we had to make do with temporary ones that don't quite match.

Also, I haven't decided exactly how I want to "arrange" them. They were perfectly pleated when they arrived, but that wasn't the look I wanted. Right now they puddle quite a lot, and I'm debating about having them shortened to "trouser kick" length.  Not sure if I want to have them free-flowing or pulled back. So, I'm still messing around with them.

I like both of these looks...

Just need to live with mine for a bit, and see which look better fits the room.

Have you ever had silk drapes? What do you think… pull 'em back or let 'em loose?


  1. That color is amazing! The drapes are beautiful. I like them both ways. Curious to see what you decide on.

  2. BEAUTIFUL drapes Carolyn and I love the shades! I like them pulled back.

  3. I am squealing over those window treatments! They are gorgeous!!! I like drapes to hang but not puddle. Easier to vacuum that way!

  4. I currently have silk drapes in my den and dining rooms. I left mine to hang, but I like them pulled back. Yours are GORG!!!

  5. The drapes and your dining room are beautiful and would look even better without the bamboo shades.

  6. oh my goodness....I have blue silk in my living room and have been toying to a pink conversion to match my walls...and this post did the trick. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this color! What a perfect move in the right direction for your brave and so right on!

  7. Love them! (I'm voting for hanging straight.) Happy T'giving to you and your sweet family. Are you hosting in this beautiful room?

  8. Love the color! I leave mine loose and simply love them.