Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Styling A Media Console

Chances are you've got a television in your house. And, chances are that if you live with a man, you've got a BIG TV.

That may be a gross generalization.

However, I have noticed that most men think bigger is better (ha ha). Apparently, when watching sports they need to feel that they are actually on the field with the team.

I live with men. Therefore, I live with a big box on my wall. Do I love it? I'll admit that when I'm watching TV, I enjoy seeing what I'm watching. From a design perspective, I can't say I'm particularly fond of it. I've tried to take the focus off the TV by styling the media console with things that are a bit more pleasing to the eye.

Our TV floats on the wall above the console, and decorating that little bit of space between the two can be challenging.

Shopping my house, I gathered some items that weren't too tall or too busy. I used my favorite West Elm vases.

I think my poor succulent could use a little water :)

The box in the middle holds remotes, DVDs, and other odds and ends that I might find on the floor and need to stash away quickly. I just looked inside and found 2 decks of cards, a lego shark, a mini-football and a plastic Easter egg. All the normal things you'd expect :)

It helps to pause the Travel Channel on a beautiful beach scene. Much better than a black box.

I'd like to pretend that TVs are unnecessary, but then how else would I watch my favorite shows? (R.I.P. Breaking Bad).

Is your TV in a cabinet or wall-mounted? How have you decorated around it??


  1. my husband hates to even put a nail in the wall so ours is not wall mounted but I hope one day it will be :) I even started a pinterest page for how to style it. ha! think yours looks great!

  2. Love how you've decorated around it! The beach scene certainly doesn't hurt ;) Pinning so I can remember for ours!

  3. At least yours is on the wall - we've got a 50 inch sitting on a low unit so no chance of hiding it or prettying it up with nice accessories. :(

  4. I loved those old big screen tvs that came up out of the cabinet magically all by themselves! lol...oh for the good old days....
    Meanwhile, yours looks pretty darned good and you have decorated around it nicely- xo Diana

  5. The older I get, the bigger I want my TV...and I love watching sports by the way :)

    The way you've decorated around yours looks lovely! Great job.

  6. I like how you displayed your tv and styled the console underneath it. Good idea to have a pretty ocean scene on your tv too! I do like watching a bigger tv, but agree they can become the "elephant" in the room if it's too big for the room. Ours is in a cabinet so it doesn't stand out too bad.

  7. Our's is currently in a cabinet, but I fear the pending upgrade is going to be bigger than the cabinet. I'm the only one in my household not excited by the idea! Xx Sharon

  8. My husband bought a 42 inch television, big but not TOO big. We settle on our new home Tuesday and are struggling to find a place for the t.v. Our family room has a fireplace in the middle of the wall and sunken back walls on each side. Ray will never put the t.v. about the fireplace in fear of it getting damaged over time. There is not much room on the right side wall and our laundry room door is there, the other side is our sliding door to the backyard, and back 'wall' is a half wall with an open view into the kitchen. Predicament!

  9. Love the vases love the color combo love the pause idea love the box contents

  10. Nice post...I love style to my home and you have shared a gorgeous decorations with us. Used beautiful combinations of colors and accessories indeed. Thanks