Thursday, April 18, 2013

Paneled Walls in Progress

A big thunderstorm is rolling in, so I'll keep this short and simple.

Just wanted to let you know that we decided to move forward with paneled walls in the kids' bathroom.

The guys were here installing it yesterday. They used Evertrue planks from Lowe's. We needed something real thin, because the baseboards are tile. We didn't want the planks to be jutting out beyond the baseboards.

 They've still got a couple more planks and some trim pieces to install.

Then I get the fun job of priming and painting.

I picked out some cute hooks and accessories, so I'm anxious to get the walls done. Hoping I'll find some time to work on it this weekend.

Okay... going to get off the computer before the lightning strikes. We've been having some crazy storms lately, and apparently Lucky doesn't like it much. He's found a safe place under a shelf in the family room closet.

Hmmm... I might need to turn this closet into a little bedroom for him.

Have a great afternoon!


  1. I am sure how ever you go with it it will look superb. I adore your style.

  2. Poor boy!!! I can't wait to see your walls painted. Not leaving it natural, huh? No CABIN look for you, I see. Me either-I'd definitely paint it! xo Diana

  3. not that you need suggestions, but I've seriously considered putting a little shelf (black metal brackets and a white shelf) over my bathroom door, with some little bath accessories... i think it would look great on a paneled wall. :)

  4. Loving it already! Can't wait to see it all painted and looking cute! Poor pooch - ours hated storms as well - I've never heard a dog whimper so much.

  5. I love me some planked walls, especially in smallish rooms like bathrooms. Hoping to do some in our home...if the dang thing ever gets itself built.

    Found you from Sarah's post about Indy bloggers. I'm in Fort Wayne, but grew up in Noblesville. Nice to 'meet' ya :)

  6. Oh I really love the paneled walls! I can't wait to see them painted. That is going to look so good. Such a great thing in a kids bathroom that gets a lot of use too. I'd like to do that in my kitchen's breakfast area.

  7. Love paneled walls...cant wait to see it painted!