Thursday, April 25, 2013

Home Goods Rugs

It's no secret that I love shopping at Home Goods. It's like going on a little treasure hunt.

I dug up a chevron rug this week.

It adds a nice finishing touch to the guest bathroom.

These 100% cotton rugs come in lots of fun colors and patterns. This size was $14.99. They do need a rug pad underneath if you're using them on a hard surface. I don't want my guests to slip and hurt themselves... or sue me :)

I actually picked up two rugs to try out in the space. This was the other one...

I love the pattern, but I think it looks too busy with my tile floor.

I think I'll stick with the chevron.

I picked up a couple of other accessories that I'll share with you soon. Yes. One (or two) of them might be a mirror. You can read about my mirror addiction HERE.

Gotta run. Still trying to get the planked wall painted in the kids' bathroom. I'm halfway there...

Have a thoroughly enjoyable Thursday :)


  1. Hi Carolyn! That rug is fantastic! I like both of them too but I think you made the right choice keeping the chevron. We are on the verge of a bathroom remodel...your is so pretty! I love the long hardware on your cabinet doors. Did you replace those? If so, could you share the source? Thanks!

  2. It's looking good. Yep! I'd pick the Chevron, too! xo Diana

  3. I agree...the chevron is super and a direct match! wow.

  4. Hi Carolyn! Just found your blog. My new renovated bathroom is the same color blue and white. I also got a great blue sisel rug for the bedroom at Homegoods last week. It makes me soooo happy when I find something there. Love your blog!

  5. You find the best stuff!!! I am no good at that! I swear if it doesn't jump out and smack me, I miss it! I love the chevron!

  6. I was just there and picked up a cream and black striped one the other day. I seriously could have taken them all home with me! Yours looks great in there :)

  7. Love it! The prints of the rugs you have are so cute. I did a similar thing in my house with red rugs .