Friday, April 26, 2013

Mantel Makeover

I don't mess with my mantel much.

I put a farmhouse print on the mantel 6 years ago, and I haven't taken it down since.

Oh sure, I added some pumpkins in the Fall (sometimes)...

and put up garland and stockings for Christmas...

but that was pretty much the extent of my mantel decorating.

(I think everyone who attended a Southern Living party circa 2005 has those olive jars.)

But, change is in the air, and I decided it was time to freshen up the mantel for Spring.

Of course, the makeover began with a mirror I purchased at Home Goods. Mirrors and HG are my crack.

Everything else I already had around the house. I cut some branches from the backyard.

Now my mantel is freshened up and ready for the next six years :)

Are you a mantel decorator? Do you change with the seasons, or are you one of those who decorates for every holiday from Valentine's Day to National Fruit Cake Day (that's on December 27th if you didn't know)?


  1. Ha! I have a container that is almost exactly the same on my mantel right now that I bought at HomeGoods too!!! The only difference is the shape. Same pale blue-ish stone-like materials. Looks awesome!

  2. You are too funny! Your mantel reminds me of mine...big and made of pine. I change mine around a lot...more for seasons than holidays (except Christmas of course). My living room is small and I can't change the furniture around too much so I get my fix with the mantel.

    Love the mirror and though I remember the SL parties, I don't remember the olive it though!


  3. love how much lighter and fresher it looks! so pretty!

  4. Love the change! The lighter colors really pop against the beautiful wood tones. I'm all about change, and my revolving mantel decor takes up much space on ye olde blogge. We're in temporary housing while our new home is getting itself built, and I'm missing my mantel now.....

    Nice to 'meet' you...I'm a fellow Hoosier blogger :)

  5. Ha! I loved the "for the next 6 years!" comment! I do love to change out my mantel with each season. I have been pretty good about it until we moved to our new house. I have been a slacker, but now that this God forsaken winter is hopefully over, I am on it again! :-)

  6. Carolyn, this room would be beautiful even if you had nothing on the mantle.

  7. I love how that white mirror really pops against the wood. Looks so fresh for spring! My mantels haven't really changed a lot - typically just Christmas for something different and the odd little switcheroo of an accessory or two for the season. I always admire those who decorate theirs for each occasion :)

  8. I'm laughing as I have areas in my home that remain decorated a certain way for years too.

    Your mantle is a wonderful breath of spring air.