Friday, February 24, 2012

Uninvited Guests

Thank you so much for all the supportive comments regarding my wing back chair obsession! I'll keep you posted on the hunt.

I must apologize for not responding to every commenter lately. I do try to do that, but life has been a little crazy this week.

My husband was out of town, we're in the throes of potty training, my kids had 100 activities, my babysitters parents were in Hawaii, and I've had uninvited guests staying at my house for days. Maybe they've even been here for weeks. I don't know for sure. They didn't tell me they were coming or even announce that they had arrived. Apparently, they just made themselves at home in my basement. Rude! They used my kitchen island as a lavatory, and ate my oven mitts for a late night snack. Thankfully, I haven't seen them yet, because I'm not sure what I'd do. I'm pretending they look like this...

but, I'm pretty sure they are not that cute. Nor play the banjo.

Luckily, my exterminator came yesterday to help evict them. He's a very friendly guy, but a couple of things about him bother me.

1. He foams at the mouth
2. He tells me things I do NOT want to know. For example, "You better hope they're just the little gray ones. The other ones carry a deadly virus." "You should wear a face mask when you clean up their droppings so you don't inhale the deadly virus." "There were some really large droppings. I think you've got a BIG mouse in here." "I think they're nesting in that dollhouse."

The entire time he was speaking, I was willing him to shut up. Does he not realize that he is paralyzing me with fear? I lie in bed at night imagining some giant rat and all its babies climbing on my face. I will never again set foot in my basement. It is dead to me. So, remember my big plans for the music room down there? Yeah, well. Forget it.

So amid the infestation, fear and chaos of this week, how do I cope? Especially since I've given up yelling at my kids for Lent?  Why, find something to destroy, of course.

This wallpaper's been asking for it for 4 years, and yesterday I finally snapped.

No turning back now!
My partners in crime!

So, that's my week in a nutshell! Have a relaxing, rodent-free weekend :)


  1. Oh my goodness! Wallpaper therapy sounds like a great idea to me!

  2. Oh- That is awful. I hate those stinking rodents when they get into your house. And...apparently they have good taste because they have nested in an actual "house" that is just their size. Maybe you should remove the Welcome sign from the front door?;>)

    I hope you can get rid of them and sleep peacefully..and not DIE from any deadly virus! xo Diana

  3. Oh no! I hope 'creepy exterminator guy' gets rid of them for you. You can't really blame the little fellows for moving in when you've given them such a pretty place to live! I want that doll house! ...well, maybe not anymore!
    Hang in there, Carolyn... at least your bathroom's going to look great because of it!

  4. I HATE mice in my house. We live in the country so we can get them often. We got a outdoor cat and that helped TONS! They used to get stuck in our walls somehow and then die. It would make a horrible smell with no way to get rid of it. Since getting the cat we have had very few problems with them.
    oh and I may have an unhealthy obsession with pulling wallpaper down. I love to do it!

  5. That was a funny story for a not so funny issue! We had the same problem once.....and they were the BIG gray ones! Yup. 12 of them. God it was awful!

  6. You gave up yelling at your kids for Lent???????? Hilarious!
    Linda @ A Toile Tale

  7. All I have to say about that is "Yuck". We built (had built) a log home when we first got married, and we ended up having a "fly problem", as in, I didn't use a fly swatter with them in my bay window, I used the vaccuum cleaner! On a sunny day, there were hundreds of them. Another "yuck". Especially the evening I found a dead fly on my pillow when I went to get in bed. To this day, I still check both sides of my pillow each night before I go to bed...and it's been 9 years! Ew....!

    And another blogger had it right when she said they have good taste if they have decided to "move in" to your doll house. I guess you can't blame the guys and girls for having great taste, lol!

  8. I'm sorry, but this post was hysterical. It's no laughing matter having uninvited guests however. Even if they do play the banjo.

    I had my kids help me one time tearing off wallpaper on a day off school. I told them who ever ended up with the biggest piece got to pick where we went for dinner.


  9. You are so funny. Yea, probably not cute and playing a banjo! I think we have something living in the room below the sunroom, but hubby has not found anything. Bailey just sits and stairs at the vent nightly and paws at it so I know there is something. May have to hire a professional if hubby will let me. Oh, how I hate removing wallpaper, but it is so nice to have it all off.

  10. You are just a SCREAM!!! I have been laughing hysterically at your exterminator story. I can honestly tell you that the reason all of this is happening is because your husband is out of town! These things only happen when the alpha male leaves. I can't tell you all the awful things that happened when mine was gone. I almost expect it now. I really hope that everything gets under control soon so you can keep your sanity. Did your exterminator set traps? Does that mean you have to go check the traps to see if anything was caught? That's another story in of itself!

  11. Oh no...that's just awful!!! I had to laugh outloud though when I read they had taken up residency in the dollhouse...that is hysterical!!!! Have a great weekend :o)

  12. When I read ''s dead to me", about your basement, I burst out laughing! That's the kind of dramatic thing I would say too! And I don't blame you for a minute!

    Hoping you're pest free soon!

  13. Goodluck with the mouse! We once had a rat who took up residence. We couldn't find him for about 2 weeks, just saw all the evidence of his destruction. He ate a whole togbag! (I mean if you can eat a togbag, surely you can eat a small child!) We all lived in fear and trembling. I still have nightmares about it. x Sharon

  14. Oh my God! I think I might have peed myself a little! Sorry, sorry, sorry laughing WITH you as you do that on the inside!!! Because I would be the same exact way just not write/communicate it quite so funny!
    I swear you crack me up and your blog cheers me right up every time!!! I'll say a little prayer that ole Mickey finds another home to visit. And please, the doll house which I LOVE (saw a very cute idea to do with a doll house btw which will tell you about later just remind me) cannot house the little creep (I believe there is only one)... That was big exterminator idiot grabbing onto anything. Hang tough sister and maybe introduce Sadie to a feline sibling?? xoxo D.

  15. Too funny...not the mice but you! Several years ago I went on a mission to remove ALL of the wallpaper in the house. I LOVE IT!!!! I hated removing it but love just being able to paint. Hope you do NOT catch a deadly virus, I HIGHLY DOUBT that you will. XO, Pinky

  16. Mice..that's bad enough, but does the exterminator have to frighten you even more!

    Great therapy for you and great fun for the kids...It is about the only thing you want them to tear up!!

  17. We've had mice before as well a couple of houses back when we lived in the country - they would sneak in anytime we had our garage door open. The best thing are those buzzers you can buy that plug in and emit a high pitched sound that only the mice can hear and it scares them away. We bought some at Home Depot after being recommended them by a fellow country person who used them in their barn and never had another mouse.

  18. After seeing all this, the only thing that I can think of is him foaming at the mouth LOL! The wallpaper removal probable solved all the pent up frustrations and it will be an amazing makeover! I think they were carrying banjos and not viruses!
    Hope this weeks better!

  19. Living near water in Florida makes dealing with these critters more prevalent. I have had several 'go arounds' with these types of 'guests.' I don't know how successful you have been at this point. If you are looking for advice, let me know...

  20. Hi Carolyn!

    It was os great to hear from you! I've been missing you.

    I completely know how you felt!!! I'm feeling the same way. I'm freaking out and I want to MOVE OUT OF HERE!

    It's horrible! Besides, you know I have a baby and I don't even feel comfortable to let him crawl at the moment.

    Pray for me. I'm honestly scared. But I know it will get better, right? :-)


    Luciane at

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