Friday, May 20, 2011

Road Trip Extravaganza

I'm gearing up for a girls' trip this weekend, and you'll never guess where we're going!!

NYC? Nope. Key West? Nah. Springfield, OH?  YES!!!!  Why would that be exciting, or the least bit interesting, you might ask. Well, because this weekend is the Springfield Antique Show and Flea Market Extravaganza. More than 2,000 vendors from all over the country selling antiques and vintage goods. I cannot wait!!

This is my first time to experience such an "extravaganza," and I'm trying to mentally prepare for it. Of course, my first thought was that I needed a really great bag to carry through the market. Something lightweight to stash any of my smaller finds. I wanted something that I could wear across my body to keep my hands free for picking through all the loot :)

Check out some of these adorable bags I found on etsy.




the ruffled daisy

Being the great planner procrastinator that I am, I didn't have enough time to order a bag and have it shipped on time for the road trip. Luckily, I found this bag at a local boutique.

Nothing like a feed bag to make a girl feel like a flea market fashionista!

I hope to bring it home stuffed with goodies! Things could go one of two ways. I could either find so many great things that I come home with my van packed to the gills. OR, I could be so overwhelmed by the magnitude of offerings that I become paralyzed by indecision and leave empty-handed. Guess which one my husband is hoping will happen?

Anyone else road-tripping to Springfield this weekend? I'd love to hear if any of you have been there before and what you thought of it :)


  1. Hi Carolyn!

    I have not been to the Springfield market, but have been to the Junk Bonanza in MN twice.
    The first year my friend RAN in and looked at everything much to see... so many great things!
    We had paid the early bird fee and we were one of the first in the door.This was all very GOOD!
    Here's the bad part....
    we didn't have a game plan!
    We stopped to think on a purchase and TOO late! Someone grabbed it!
    So I guess what I am saying is, if you like something, grab it and hold it and think about it. If you can afford it buy it quick and keep moving on!
    Good deals don't last.
    Have soooOOOOooo much fun!

  2. I'm totally jealous of both your road trip and your bag. I'm not sure if that makes me cool or the absolute opposite.

  3. OK I have never been to any of the antique shows and flea markets that are going on practically every weekend in my own town. However, I did buy a lamp at Home Goods the other day. Baby steps..wish you were closer so you could work your decorating magic!

  4. what is it about bags that are so addicting?!?! love them all!