Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day Moments

Good morning! I hope you all enjoyed your Mother's Day weekend. I had a wonderful day with my husband, children, parents, brother and grandmother. The men prepared a delicious dinner at home, and I was spoiled with handmade cards and gifts, and a gift card to the spa.

My beautiful Nana, who turns 94 years old next week, celebrated the day with us.

She spent the day doing what most women her age tend to do at family gatherings...

(Excuse the grainy photos)

And, let me assure you that this was not a staged photo. She was seriously hula-hooping! My Nana is a fantastic dancer. As a young girl, she dreamed of becoming a Rockette, but her father wouldn't allow it. She and my late PopPop were ballroom dancers, and she can still kick her leg higher than me :)

My brother (aka Unkin Bob) came to town for the weekend.


He started a tradition of creating DVDs for family milestones. It started with a DVD he made for my parent's 40th wedding anniversary. Then he did one for my sister's 40th birthday, and this year he made one for my 40th. My kids loved watching "my life," and although I cringed through the footage of the awkward years (apparently there were a lot of them), I loved it, too.

My mother's day continued into Monday with a tea party at my son's preschool. We played "guess the mommy." The teacher held up a "mommy" made by each student and read the child's description of his mom. This is what I looked like ...

I love my necklace!

And, this is my son's description of me on the back...

(We had a long talk on the way home about the age thing. I'd prefer he err with a lower number... perhaps 9 or 18, the "ages" of some of the other mothers at the tea. :)

I loved the "bathroom shows" answer. Perhaps I watched a bit too much HGTV when planning our bath remodel. The preschoolers got a good laugh at that one, too. "Your mom likes toilet shows...."

I hope your Mother's Day was full of happy moments and a few good laughs!


  1. I want to hulahoop when I am 94... that is my new goal... : )
    (seriously..can I be in that good of shape at that age)
    What a sweet post, sweet family!!

  2. Your Nana is such a pretty woman - she certainly doesn't look (or act) like she's 94! Does she want a boyfriend?! My grandpa is 95, lives on his own, gardens, does wood working (just built a treehouse for his great-grandchildren), and even rides a motorcycle! ;-)