Friday, May 6, 2011

Planters and Pregnancy

Happy Friday! Hope you've had a great week. Ours has been crazy busy, and it's not showing signs of slowing down. Tomorrow we have a soccer game, baseball pictures and a baseball game, a cross country meet and a guitar recital ... all before 2pm. I'm getting heart palpitations just thinking about it!

So, I'm keeping it short and sweet tonight. I just want to share with you the one home project I accomplished today.  Remember these boxwoods I got for the front entrance?

Well, today they finally got new living quarters and a few roommates...

I chose ivy geraniums because they usually do well in this spot. (And, because I know my dog doesn't eat them.) I chose the purple super bells, because they like full sun and require no maintenance other than watering. (Not sure if they're on the dog's diet plan. I guess I'll find out soon enough).

I was so happy with how they turned out. And I was thrilled when the woman working at the nursery told me I was the cutest pregnant girl she's seen. Did I mention to you that I was pregnant? No? Well, maybe that's because I'M NOT!!!!

So add an ab workout and a Garnet Hill tunic-burning to tomorrow's list of activities.

(Oh, and don't forget Sarah's Summer Cottage premieres on HGTV tomorrow night. I can't wait!!)


  1. They look great! I have waiting to see you put these boxwoods in planters. Didn't take you long.....

    Forget about that stupid woman and the pregnancy comment. Concentrate on the important part of that story....that you are NOT pregnant!!! lol

  2. Your front entry is lovely. LOVE, Love the planters you chose...& they will look fab when the flowers fill out... But I am just laughing at Lesley's comment..
    "Concentrate on the important part of that story" .. : ) she just made my night.. : )

  3. NO WAYYYYYYY!! OMG that lady what was she thinking? Your planters look good though.

  4. Your planters look great!! and OMG I cannot believe people!! That has happened to me before I was so pissed! I never say anything to girls unless I absolutely know they are pregnant. Did you say anything back to her?

  5. Perfection is the only word that can describe them!! Love elegant and stately. Perfect to frame your front entrance, great shape, perfect were spot on! Great job!

  6. That's funny. I hope you set her straight. Some people need to keep their mouth shut when they aren't sure. Don't burn the tunic! lol

    Love those planters.

  7. Thanks, ladies! A woman could be giving birth any second, and I still wouldn't ask her if she was pregnant. You just never know :) If I had been wearing a regular t-shirt, I would have been completely offended. But, in the woman's defense, the shirt really does look like a maternity one. (It couldn't possibly have been my belly... ha!) And, Lesley is right. The important thing is that I'm not pregnant :) You'd think I would have gotten a big ole discount on my plants after the emotional distress that woman caused me :)

  8. The planters look great! but even if someone looks 36 months preggers and your not really sure... say nothing!!! GEESH

  9. OMG what a comment! I had that happen once too. It was a year after my second born! She would probably say the same thing to me now too!
    Happy Mother's Day! :)
    I love your house. Fab curb appeal.
    My shop is in Highwood IL, is that anywhere near you?
    If you come by, let me know and I will meet you there.
    We have a blog for the shop ---
    Let me know.

  10. NO!!!!!! I would have said, "That I am not. But, what I am, is interested in what my huge discount will now look like." Come on people!

    BTW, your planters look gorgeous :D

  11. Well that was a foot in mouth situation!! Sorry that happened to you --don't let it get you down!
    Your planters look super!! They accent your house nicely.
    And did you watch Sarah's Summer House??? I did!

  12. Dropping by to say "Hello!". Love your curb appeal! Some people should learn to edit what comes out of their mouths! lol~

  13. Your front entrance looks great! You have a great sense of humor too...thanks for the laugh!