Friday, February 11, 2011

The Naked Truth (with photos)

I have to be honest.  I am afraid that my new shower could ruin my reputation.

When I tell people that our bathroom will have an "open shower," they don't fully grasp what I'm talking about.   The conversation usually goes something like this...

Them:  "Oh, so you won't have a door?"
Me:  "Right.  No door."
Them:  "Will you just have a wall that you walk behind?"
Me:  "No.  It will have two half walls, but it will be open."
Them:  "Ah.  So you'll just have frosted glass on top of the half walls?"
Me:  "No.  There won't be any glass.  We'll pretty much just be showering out in the open."
Them:  "Interesting."

And, by "interesting," I'm sure they really mean "Okay, crazy.  Didn't realize I was dealing with an exhibitionist."

Here are some photos of the shower as it is progressing...

Although there is tiling and grout and fixtures still to be done, the shower will be just as it is.  No door.  No glass. 

Now before you judge me, please know that this was not an easy decision to make.  When Dave the tile guy first suggested this shower design, I turned 3 shades of red, and told him emphatically that "I was not that kind of girl." 

However, after careful consideration, I realized that from a design and maintenance perspective, this shower was our best choice.  The bathroom is at the front of our house, and has two large, tall windows in it. (Now I really feel you judging me.)  There just was not a natural location for the shower that didn't close off the room or create a wall in front of the window.  I am not a fan of glass block, and I don't like cleaning glass, so the open shower seemed to be a good option.

Open showers are quite common in Europe, but apparently, we Americans are a bit more modest?  I know I am.  (I wear skirted bathing suits, people.) I won't lie and say it will be perfectly normal to shower in the open, but for the sake of good design, I'm willing to give it a go.

We have been known to have some peeping Toms in our neighborhood.  Just the other day, I caught this guy looking in our kitchen window.

But don't worry.  The shutters will be closed when the shower is in use.  I have no intention of frightening my neighbors.  And that's no lie.


  1. I think that's a fantastic shower design! Who wants all that glass to clean? Our shower is so claustrophobic (it's stuck in a corner and has glass that you can't see through properly), so the ides of a wide open shower like yours really appeals to me :-)

  2. This is a funny post...because I can see myself reacting that way however its very European...and quite popular. I have a few friends with these kinds of showers and they do look great, a lot more attractive than having to see a glass door or shower curtain! I love the way its coming out btw....looks beautiful, love the tile selectoin and its a nice big shower! Look forward to seeing the finished product, I think you are going to enjoy it! Thanks for stopping by...hope you will visit again:)

  3. Carolyn This
    is exactly what I would love!!

    Open and light I wouldn't give a thought to what anyone might think!

    Come and see my valentines Post

    Art by Karena

  4. I love how it's looking so far and I would totally go for it! I don't know if my guy would go for it - he must splash around an awful lot because he gets water on the floor even with a door (I still haven't figured out how that happens!).
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my interview at hodge:podge and my All Things Pink post. I love a pretty coral-based pink instead of a cool pink - it's warm and inviting and everyone looks great in it! xo

  5. What a gorgeous shower! Thanks for stopping by and following! Love your blog as well!

  6. The "W" hotel chain and Hotel Le Geramin in Canada have open showers. Also the only wall is a sheet of glass open to the bedroom. Some rooms have blinds, but other not. On trip advisor it is funny to see the people discuss the open shower.

    I think it's a great idea.

  7. Thank you for all your kind words! The shower was completed today. I'm so excited to show you pics of the finished product.

    Chania, I am going to have to look up those hotels on trip advisor. Too funny!

  8. Just a thought to throw out there we have a walk-in shower and we find it gets cold taking a shower. So maybe consider throwing in a heat lamp/light into the shower area???

  9. Hi -- found you through Thrifty Decor Chick! I love your shower idea and have always wanted an open shower in my "next house." The all-glass enclosures look so pretty on the design shows, but we all know the reality of keeping a shower looking that perfect and clean at all times!

    Also have always hated the sliding shower enclosures - terrible to clean and claustrophobic. Your bath design looks great! Hope you enjoy your extra time spent NOT cleaning your shower. :)

  10. I love it! Ir's completely gorgeous and fun! Won't you be freezing? We have one tiny bathroom and one slightly larger and nobody will shower in there because the room is big and cold - and it's really not that big! Please let us know how it is to shower in there!

  11. I was a little nervous about the chill factor, as well. However, we did rent a house in Hilton Head with an open shower, and didn't have any issues. Our master bedroom and bathroom are the warmest rooms in the house, and we will have heated floors, so I'm hoping it will be okay. Believe me, if it's not, you'll be hearing about it :)

  12. I really like the design! Looks like fun :)

  13. Okay... still confused. Is the open shower in the bathroom? Or is in the your bedroom?

  14. I keep seeing your bathroom remodel from links of various blogs i follow.. fabulous. I love the shower but wonder -- does the water/spray stay within the half walls, or do the floors get wet? .. just asking... :)

  15. Hi Judy... Thanks for your question. I've gotten that one a lot, and the answer is no. The shower is large enough that even with the rainshower and spray shower on at the same time, the water stays inside the half walls. The sills on top of the half walls don't even get wet. We've gotten a bit of water on the threshold, but it hasn't gotten on the floors outside the shower at all. It seems strange that it wouldn't splatter everywhere, but it doesn't :)

  16. We are starting to do a bath remodel and I never thought of an open shower until I saw yours. What are the dimensions of your shower? I'd love to know if we could make it work in our bathroom. Yours is just gorgeous!

  17. I am in the middle of a shower remodel and I'm wondering what size your shower is that it doesnt spatter. My tile guy wants me to do glass above the 2 surrounding walls, I want to avoid glass even tho its pretty. my shower is 4 ftx 4 1/2ft inside and I thought 5 ft pony walls would keep water in. Yours look like 4ft high and a little bigger shower, so what size is your shower?

  18. KA... our shower is 6'x5'9". The half walls are 4'. The water does not even touch the top of the half walls. Have you been to I seem to recall there were some folks on there that had smaller, open showers. The floors outside our shower are porcelain tile. Personally, I'd rather get some water on the floors than have to clean glass :) Good luck!

  19. This looks great! I'm in process of building a very similar shower in my soon to be remodeled master bath, but have been very concerned about function (getting water everywhere) and the effect of an open shower on resale/appraisal value. My shower is 5' by 5' but I have not decided on the wall height yet, but I'm leaning toward walls of about 52" (just below my wife's shoulders). I haven't seen this approach anywhere, and this is the first example I've found on-line. I'm glad to know I'm not crazy!
    I see you've had the shower completed for a while, any regrets or advice?

  20. @Stu... absolutely have ZERO regrets about the open shower. The water stays perfectly contained inside the half walls, and I love not cleaning glass! Everyone who has seen it wants an open shower, too, so I would not worry about resale. My only advice... consider having more than one shower head. We have the handheld on a slide bar and a rainshower. It makes for a warmer shower.

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask. Please make sure you attach your e-mail address to the comment so I can answer you directly via e-mail :) Thanks!