Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Giveaway Winner and A Shocking Confession

I am so happy to announce the winner of the Whimsy Studios gift certificate...
Congratulations to Elizabeth, who wrote that she would love "A Latte Love."
Elizabeth, I hope Lori's art brings a smile to your face every day :)

And now...

Hold on to your $10 shower curtain, because I have a shocking confession to make.  I have NEVER been to IKEA.  I know.  It's risky to admit.  The blog police could show up at any moment and strip me of my blogging privileges.

Well, before they're on to me, I am road-tripping with some of my girlfriends to what we're referring to as the "Swedish House of Deals."   I've heard it can be completely overwhelming in there, so I'm trying to prepare ahead of time.  I'm going to go through my house to see what I could use, and then hopefully hunt down some good deals. 

I decided to do a little research on the IKEA website, and found some items that could work in my home.

I'm always on the lookout for a good storage basket.  I use them for everything... toys, magazines, hats and gloves, recycling.  I keep one at the bottom of the kitchen staircase for any of the boys' junk that belongs upstairs.  The idea is that they should carry it up and put the stuff away where it belongs.  Let's just say it works great, in theory.  I love this little IKEA basket...
Two of the boys' bedrooms have vanities in them.  (Apparently, another popular design choice in the late '80s.)  The set-up functions quite nicely, but there is white carpet in their rooms.  Boys, blue toothpaste, white carpet... enough said.  I think this rug would be great by their sinks to protect the white carpet from the inevitable. 

Although our two-day heat wave has come and gone and snow is falling once again, I'm in a Spring state of mind.  And, Spring means fresh cut flowers.  I'm hoping the peonies I planted last year will do well enough that I can cut them and bring them inside.  I adore these pretty little vases.

I'd love to hear from some seasoned IKEA shoppers.  What were some of your favorite finds?  What should I be sure to check out there?  Please leave comments soon, because we hit the road on Saturday.

Does anyone else hear IKEA... and think I I I Kea (sung to the Cha Cha Cha Chia Pet song)?  Or have I just gone 'round the bend?


  1. I might need to arrested too! I have never been to an Ikea either. I will be interested to hear how your trip goes.

  2. Ikea is a huge warehouse type store in most places.Your head will be swimming there's so much stuff. Lots of great deals on anything that you could want. I bought my laminate flooring there about ten years ago. It needs to be replaced but It lived up to the warranty.

  3. I have to say, I understand people who don't go to Ikea 'cause there isn't one in their area....but I can't imagine any other reason! Ikea has it's faults, but it's truly an experience and you'll be amazed by the prices on lots of things. Good luck! Can't wait to see your finds.

  4. Ikea is a staple in my family...in fact I just had a little visit on Saturday with my sweet boy. It's true, there is so much stuff that your mind will probably start to race but take a few deep breaths and then let the creative juices flow. My favourite finds are their Ribba picture frames, curtains for $14.00 and 100 tealights for $3.99. Have a blast and don't be surprised if you stay there all day!

  5. It so fun reading all your comments..you see Im from Sweden..IKEAs homecountry..Ikea has as you says "everything" and to veeeery nice price as well..I guess your wearhouses are built in the same way,,I love to walk in there inspiration rooms,,where they have furnished various rooms..have a great trip to Ikea..a little bit of sweden :)) it fab ;) /Marie

  6. You may have just gone 'round the bend, but that's OK - we all do at some point! ;-)

    To be honest, IKEA scares me! The way the stores are laid out is like one of those rat mazes. So if you see something you like, stick it in your cart right away because you might not be able to find your way back to it later!

    One thing I've noticed about IKEA is that people walk really slowly. Which may not be a problem if you aren't in a hurry, but it can be aggravating.

    There are places throughout the store where you can pick up paper tape measures, pencils, and paper. If you want to buy something that has to be picked up in the warehouse, write down the aisle & shelf number.

    I'm not positive about this, but IKEA might not have bags anymore. Or if they do, you might have to pay for them. So bring your own bag(s), just to be safe.

    And don't miss the 50 cent hot dogs!

  7. Don't feel bad - I've only been to Ikea twice but I must admit I loved every second of it!

    I doubt I'll ever purchase furniture from them but their accessories are a different story... my favorite finds last Fall were two large, very Pottery Barn-looking lanterns for my front porch that were $30 for both! I plan on making a trip every time the seasons change :)

  8. My mom is obsessed with homes and designs in home and she hasn't been to Ikea ever so don't feel too bad