Monday, May 4, 2015

Kitchen Pass Through Window

Perhaps it was the teen years I spent working the Burger King drive thru window. 

But, there is just something about passing food and beverages through a window that appeals to me. (Minus the hairnet and polyester uniform.)

I mean, doesn't this look appealing to you?….


Maybe it was the years I spent sitting at bars. But, I'd like to belly up to a bar like this and have my husband pass me out a margarita...

Rice and Brown Architects

Wherever the idea originated, we've decided to create a pass through window as part of our kitchen remodel.

It might not look exactly like these inspiration images. Because we live in Indiana. Where there are bugs. And hailstorms. And freezing cold winters. And really hot, humid summers. 


But, I'm convinced that we can create something that will work. You see, we've got this really large sliding glass door in our kitchen…

And, we literally never walk through it. Well, okay, maybe 10 times in the past 8 years. We always use the door next to it. 

So, the plan is to remove the door, replace it with a window and add cabinets with a countertop under the window. This will give us additional storage that we need, and will be nice for serving food out to the deck.



It will be especially nice when the kids are swimming and want something to eat. I can throw a sandwich out to them versus having wet swimsuits dripping all over the kitchen floor. In fact, I may never have to let them in the house again...


I think our window will most closely resemble this one...


But, these others are sure fun to look at… and dream...

Pottery Barn


Do you have a pass through window? How does it work for you?

In case you are wondering, our kitchen remodel is really going to happen! I've signed off on the final design plan, and the cabinets and appliances have been ordered. The cabinets are being made by some local Amish, and there is a 10-11 week lead time. So, I'm anticipating that we'll get underway by the beginning of July. 

In another year, my oldest can get a job at Burger King and help pay for it :)


  1. I think this is a fantastic idea, Carolyn, especially with a pool and kids, not to mention a big plus for adult parties! :)

    Go for it!

    Thanks for the visit...we must be missing each others posts!

    Jane x

  2. How exciting Carolyn!! On both your kitchen being in the works and the pass through window! The inspiration photos are gorgeous, it will be so functional and fun to have this element as part of your home, especially with a pool. Looking forward to seeing your kitchen progress....we are still in the design stages of our kitchen reno but I'm so happy to even be talking about it seriously!