Monday, June 23, 2014

Exterior Paint Color Inspiration

Good Monday morning! Hope your week is off to a great start. I know Monday is typically a day most people dread. But this is one Monday that couldn't get here fast enough.

First of all, my 8 year old has an infection, and I am anxiously awaiting the test results. Of course, you don't get test results on Saturday and Sunday.

Second, on Saturday night my husband stabbed himself in the finger while trying to pry apart frozen hamburgers with a knife. He is pretty sure he cut a tendon, but the Hand Center isn't open until Monday. Perhaps he should have gone to the ER, but we are reluctant to go there ever since Spring Break when we had a $1500 middle-of-the-night ER visit with child writhing in pain, only to discover he was constipated.

I'm telling you, if my kids are going to develop strange medical conditions or have reactions to medication, or split their heads open, it is never during our pediatrician's office hours. 

At any rate, if I can keep my family healthy and injury-free this week, I might get back to choosing a paint color for my house.

It's a big decision. 

If I lived on a beach down south, I'd paint it these colors and call it a day...


But, the reality is that I live in the Midwest burbs.

I've been researching paint colors, and here are some that have caught my eye.

BM Timid White...


SW Tony Taupe with SW Black Fox shutters...


BM Winter Wheat with BM Texas Leather shutters...


The Southern Living Idea House in SW Intellectual Gray...


C2 Paints "Wood Ash" color matched by Benjamin Moore…


BM Ballet White with SW Attitude Gray shutters…


SW Rare Gray…


Obviously, I haven't decided if I want to go slightly darker or lighter than my current paint color. My plan is to choose 3 potential color schemes, paint larger areas of the house and shutters with the 3 options, and make a decision. Sounds easy, huh? Ha!

Wish me luck… and as always, if you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear 'em!

Have a pain-free Monday!


  1. I love the BM Winter Wheat with BM Texas Leather combination. My house has a really similar color scheme so I might be biased. :)

  2. I actually like all of them! Good luck deciding - that's a tough one! :)