Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Choosing Exterior Paint Colors -- Help Wanted!

Hello friends! How is summer treating you?

I've been spending the majority of each day behind the steering wheel, shuttling kids from swim team to tennis lessons to band camp to baseball practice, etc, etc… I'm so thankful my husband helped me plug all the activities into my iPhone calendar so I can keep track of where I'm going every day.

While driving around town is not my favorite pastime, it has been good for one thing. I am able to check out the paint colors of the houses I pass.

You see, it's time for us to have the exterior of our house painted, and I've got a big decision to make… What color??

Here's what I'm working with. (I took some of these pics in the Fall. Hence, the pumpkins :)) As you can see, we've got some brick on the front and side of the house that I'm not planning to paint. Here's a closer look…

The back of the house has a lot of wood, which makes choosing the right color very important.

I'd hate to sit outside surrounded by an unfortunate color choice :)

The house is a nice neutral that I rather like, but I have no idea what it is. It was painted by the previous owners and I don't have any old cans of it. I'd have to have a color match done.

I like the idea of trying something a little different though. I'm definitely over the green doors and shutters, so those will be changed.

I've started painting sample swatches around the house. Shown here on the house from top to bottom are BM Copley Gray, BM Bennington Gray, SW Tony Taupe, SW Intellectual Gray, SW Rare Gray and BM Chelsea Gray.

At the moment, I'm leaning towards Tony Taupe or Intellectual Gray with SW Urbane Bronze shutters. But, that is subject to change at any given moment.

I've been pinning inspiration photos like crazy, and will share those with you soon.

What do you think? Any suggestions? Do you have a favorite paint color you think I ought to try? Would love your help!

If you need me, I'll be in my car ...


  1. I painted my kitchen Chelsea Gray, which I adore and think would be a great choice. I also happen to love a SUPER dark gray almost black, sounds sketchy I know but there is a new awesome neighborhood being built near me that has a home painted this color.... It very striking! Good luck with your paint selection!

  2. Hi Carolyn, I feel your pain so I had to jump in and lend a hand. First off your home is beautiful so I know whatever paint color you choose, it'll be perfect. I was a decorative artist for many years and when I got tired of spending 12 hours a day on a ladder I went to work for Country Curtains and still work with color and design. Here's my personal experience . . . I live in a beautiful big English Tudor which was painted the traditional brown and white when we bought it 15 years ago. Hated it, and knew it could be so much prettier. The front center of our house is also brick which extends from the ground to the peaked roofline over the front door and second story of our home. I took matters into my own hand and had our home painted with the following colors, all Benjamin Moore: the stucco is Linen White which is a creamy white, the siding was Sag Harbor Gray and when we resided, I chose cedar shingles that were almost an exact match for the Sag Harbor Gray that I love so much, and the trim is Sandy Hook Gray. I believe BM has a computer imaging program on-line where you can upload a picture of your house and try different colors. The grays and creams are beautiful together. Oh! The front door and sidelights of my house were painted Classic Burgundy by BM. I deviated a few years ago because according to Feng Shui the position of my house dictates that my front door should be in the yellow/gold family. Ok, been there, done that. It's going back to red (the universal color for feng shui) this summer! Good luck! Keep us posted! Deena

  3. Check out Sherry from Design Indulgence's blog today. She is a guest on Castle Painting blog. It is about exterior paint colors.The colors she chose would be great on your house I think !!!

  4. Melinda… so funny… I read Sherry's article earlier and was thinking her previous paint color might work with my brick. Unlike her house, mine doesn't have many large trees sheltering it. It's pretty much exposed to the world… I'm nervous that white would be blinding… ?

  5. Oh- That is such a big decision! I can barely choose for myself so I am not going to saddle you with my choice. lol There are programs where you can load the pictures of your house in it and then apply your color of choice. That works out really well to see it in your own setting.

    Good luck!!!! xo Diana

  6. I would chose a lighter color for the siding and do a darker color for the trim and shutters.... I live in the land of sun and trust me, you want as much light reflected away as possible! The darker the more it absorbs the heat and warms your house in the middle of the summer...

  7. BM Covington Blue is a great front door color. I live in sunny SC and we just painted our trim SW Pure White and the door BM Covington Blue. I love the little pop of happy color. Our house is reddish brick with minimal wood (not even shutters), so I don't know what other colors to suggest, but the Covington Blue seems to go with all shades of brick.

  8. We are sorting through the same colors. What did you decide?

    1. We went with SW Intellectual Gray for the body, and SW Urbane Bronze for shutters and doors. Good luck!!

  9. Do you have exterior pictures posted of the final colors? We have a similar type home with brick on front; all wood in back and would love to see what the final looks like. Thanks!!