Sunday, December 15, 2013

Meet Chewie

What do I do when it's two weeks before Christmas and I haven't begun my Christmas present shopping or decorated my tree?

Rescue a dog, of course. Isn't that what any sane person would do?

I went to check out this little fella for my parents' friend who recently lost her husband.
We have always been a big dog family, so when I go to visit the rescue dogs, I pass right by the little doggies and head straight to the big boys.

But, since my parents' friend wanted a lap dog, I thought this boy looked like a good candidate. Well, let me tell you, the minute I took him out of his crate, I was IN LOVE! He was so calm and sweet and snuggled right into me. I couldn't leave him there.

I texted his picture to my mom, but unfortunately, her friend preferred to have a female dog. I explained to my mother that I couldn't possibly leave this dog. He was something special. And, we would regret it if we let him get away. My parents have always said they were done having dogs, but for some reason, they agreed to foster him for a week.

If they didn't decide to keep him, I would have. I just wasn't sure our Lucky would be too thrilled about it.

Luckily my parents fell in love with him, and he's officially part of the family. They named him Chewie, due to his resemblance to Chewbacca.

However, after his recent grooming, he doesn't look too much like an ewok anymore :)

I just found out that Chewy's girlfriend has puppies that will be available for adoption soon. If they are anything like him, I might get myself into trouble :)

Are you ready for Christmas? Or are you finding other ways to procrastinate like me??


  1. He is beautiful, Carolyn, especially with the new hairdo! I can see why you fell in love. I can't even look at a pup that needs a home without trying to figure out a way to do it! So glad Chewy has a home!


  2. he is adorable! so happy for your parents! and for chewy. :)

  3. Oh, he looks so sweet. Glad your parents took him.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. What a sweetie!! I'd say you gave Chewy the best Christmas present ever...a family to love him!

  5. God bless you, Carolyn. Presents and trees can wait- little fur souls can't. He is just darling. How wonderful that your parents took him. xo Diana

  6. Darling little guy. And nope! Not ready for Christmas.

  7. I love his new name! Perfect choice, even after his hair cut :)

  8. How adorable and such a great Christmas present - great parents!! Doing all my last minute things, but so much decorating left...