Thursday, January 31, 2013

Vintage Goodness

I've been waiting a long time for central Indiana to get hip.

I'm always seeing cool stuff that other bloggers score at thrift shops and flea markets, and inevitably, they live somewhere in California or Atlanta or Paris.

Sure, Indianapolis will have a hip boutique or antique shop sprout up here or there that I get excited to shop, but there hasn't been a centralized marketplace of vintage goodness. Until now...

This past weekend, my friend Val and I hit the Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace, held in a local conference center.

We were two of the first people to arrive, and didn't know what to expect. But, as soon as the doors opened, we were blown away by all the eye candy. It was difficult to know where to begin looking.

One of the first things I spotted was this white tufted leather bench. It was perfect for a project I'm working on at my friend's house.

I took a pic to text to my friend. Unfortunately, another shopper saw me photographing it, and slapped down cash for it before I could hit the "send" button. Darn!

Oh well. Moving on...

Who knew wooden blocks in a glass jar could look so good? Someone did.

And buttons in a muffin tin.

Here I've been purging our house of game pieces and unused buttons, when I should have been displaying them. Wooden blocks scattered all over the floor don't make as good a display.

I have to admit when I shop at places like this, my heart starts racing. I don't know where to start. I can't remember what I need. I don't want anyone taking the good stuff out from under me. Yet, I don't want to make a hasty purchase and then round the corner and see something even better for less money.

Does that happen to you? What is that? It's exhilarating, overwhelming and paralyzing all at once.

Should've gotten one of these olive buckets. They were a great price. But, I didn't. Couldn't bite the bullet.

How cool are these light fixtures?

Didn't get any of these either.

Okay, here's my biggest regret. This next booth had the coolest plants... awesome topiaries (not that heart one per se, but I couldn't get in there to get a good pic of the ones I liked best). Anyway, she had awesome moss growing in rocks and real rosemary topiaries in aged terra-cotta pots. And, I didn't get a single one.

Why? Because I convinced myself that I could go to Lowe's and get some materials and re-create them myself.

And guess what? I went to Lowe's and I couldn't find a single thing ... no moss, no rosemary, nada.

So, perhaps you're wondering what I did buy at the marketplace. Okay. Brace yourself.

I know. I know. A conference hall full of vintage goodness, and I bring home 3 measly things. I told you I was overwhelmed.

I've been wanting a printer's tray for a long time. I've got plans for this one.

Who doesn't need a little antler to lay atop a pile of books? Or a pretty sea glass jar to plop a flower in?

Luckily, the market returns in March, so I've got the next month to get a prescription for valium assess my decor needs, focus, and develop a shopping strategy.

If you're a seasoned shopper of vintage goods, I'd love to hear how you decide what to bring home with you. Are you on the lookout for specific items, or are you an impulse buyer?


  1. Just found your blog, and I think I'm going to be happy I did.
    Lol t the Valium comment!

  2. What a fabulous, fabulous show~ I would have been quieting my heart all the way through there - xo Diana

  3. gosh I love the olive buckets and the antler? I've been seeing those a lot. I have a friend that has a HUGE one in her entry and it looks so cool..even better because her husband is a hunter

  4. I think the things you bought are awesome! It's so hard...I know exactly what you mean! You see all the goodness, don't want to waste money or make a's very hard to decide what to buy.

    Here in LA we have a big flea/antique market once a month at the Rose Bowl and many times I am overwhelmed and wish I could just have a personal designer with me to help me decide. Definitely know what you mean.

    Have a good night!

  5. Hi Carolyn,

    Everything is so lovely. I like the pillows at the top and the buckets! I've recently purchased some antlers and like the way I can style them as part of a vignette or standing with a single item on a table.


  6. I just "found" our blog and I am overjoyed that I did!!!

  7. Carolyn-those topiaries in your picture look like angel vine, also called creeping wire vine and they have it at Allisonville Nursery year-round. It will climb anything, so it works really well for topiaries. I blogged about it last year-it's my fave!

  8. Hello Carolyn, I just found your blog through Hometalk. I used to live in Carmel and I miss it! I'm up in Valparaiso now. I'm definitely going to have to check on this market and maybe make a roadtrip- thanks for sharing! Jen

  9. Hello Carolyn, I just found your blog through Hometalk. I used to live in Carmel and I miss it! I'm up in Valparaiso now. I'm definitely going to have to check on this market and maybe make a roadtrip- thanks for sharing! Jen

  10. I look for certain things, but usually end up buying on impulse, too.

  11. Loved your purchases and the Valium comment made me laugh! What are you going to use the printer's box for? I still have one that I used throughout the 80s and 90s for little "treasures" that I displayed on the wall. Then it wasn't as popular, so I packed all those little treasures away in a hat box. H'mmmm.....what do do?

  12. Oh wow! March? Yeehaw!
    I'm only an hour away from Indy!!

    I love great shopping finds like this. Thanks