Monday, September 10, 2012

Mod Podge Letter

I am not typically a crafty girl, but every once in a while I see something for sale and think to myself, "I could make that."

That would explain why I've had three sets of windows in my basement for two years. (They were supposed to be used as doors in a cabinet-building project that never took place.) And, then there are the old stair balusters that were to be turned into lamps.

I'm nothing if not ambitious :)

But, last week I finally got to work on a craft project that was much more realistic. In fact, it was downright easy.

I'm sure if you're crafty, you've probably made one of these by now. But, if you're just dipping your toe into the craft pool, trust me... you can handle this.

Here's how to do it. Get yourself a craft letter.

 Mine was on sale for just a few cents at Hobby Lobby.

Next choose the paper you want to mod podge to it.

I photocopied a page out of our Atlas, but sheet music or book pages look great too.

Trace your letter on to the paper and cut it to fit.

 Set that aside, and get out your paint. I used ASCP in Old White to paint the back and sides of the craft letter.

Mod podge the paper to the front of your letter.

 Let it dry. Then apply more mod podge to seal it.


Easy. Peasy.

Now, that's my kind of craft project!

I don't think I've used Mod Podge since elementary school. What about you? Do you enjoy getting crafty?


  1. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy - this is too cute and totally doable.

    By the way, I think all us bloggers have a "lost and found" in our basement.

  2. You did a great job! It's great to know your limitations! It always feels great when you complete a task. I love crafts and do them all the time!

  3. Very, very cute Carolyn. Love your J! It is Just right- xo Diana

  4. This is too cute Carolyn! I think I could do it......I think :)

  5. That is such a cute craft. I've never used mod podge before but it looks like it would be fun. Maps are so popular right now in decor. Covering that letter with one is such a good idea.