Friday, August 10, 2012

Chalkboard Wall

I've been thinking that chalkboard walls would be fun in the kids' bedrooms.

When I mentioned the idea to my kids, they were all for it. Especially my 10 year old. He kept hounding me to get started, and I finally did this past weekend.

Originally we were going to paint an entire wall, but instead we decided to paint just a section of the wall.

I really didn't measure or make perfectly straight lines. I'm lazy daring like that. If it looked really bad, I'd just paint the entire wall. Makes sense, right? Sort of.

This was my product of choice...

Honestly, it was the only one I could find.

Two coats of paint, tape removed, and this is what we ended up with...

Well, look at that. It's already being put to good use.

Hmmmm... I may need my entire house to be painted with chalkboard paint :)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Your son has your great sense of humor!! I love it, much better than a whole wall. I wish I had a place to do this!


  2. What a fantastic idea and I hope that prediction comes true.

  3. That is hilarious! I love how cute it looks in his room. My 11 yr old has one painted over his bed and framed in trim. You could always add trim around yours if you wanted to as well. I love that first room pic you featured!

  4. LOL- How cute is he? I love your chalkboard wall- xo Diana

  5. I love it and I am sure is a great vehicle to release frustrations by writing thoughts. My friend has an adult who sometimes forgets his responsibilities and rather than yelling at him, she puts all reprimands in an email. When she meets him for supper they can visit as friends.

    Have a lovely weekend

    Helen xx

  6. Carolyn, What an handsome young man! And I see he is taking his lesson very seriously!
    I love the idea of painting a chalkboard on his wall! You can write out his chore list!!!!
    I am a new follower! Great blog!

  7. Well that is just too cute! I can't believe you got him to write that, plus such nice penmanship!


  8. Lol, this is hilarious, Carolyn. We have a huge one in the 11 year olds room, and she actually uses it to practice math problems, and do spelling. It was money well spent for sure. Tell your little guy he made this into a cute post!

  9. This made me smile! We have a little sliver of a space for a chalkboard wall, and I wish I had more!! My kids would be BUSY! :-)

  10. Ha!! Your son is a cutie! What a gorgeous smile!!

    your chalk board project turned out brilliantly! I really like it lots!