Friday, August 3, 2012

Adding Interest to a Hallway

I have to admit that I might be mildly obsessed with mirrors. Although I don't like looking at myself in them :)

I picked this one up at HomeGoods several months ago. It reminded me of those expensive peacock mirrors.

I didn't really have a space in mind for it, but I knew I'd find one.

I decided to put it in our upstairs hallway. The spot previously looked like this...


The mirror spent a lot of time hanging out by itself in this spot. I knew I would eventually put a piece of furniture under it, but it took a while to find the right piece. I tried to use something I already owned, but there is very little space there. I needed a piece that wasn't very deep.

Enter this little cutie...

I found this at a fun local shop, where the owner buys auction pieces and transforms them with paint.

At only 11 inches deep, it fit perfectly. And, it was already painted a pretty french grey. The height wasn't quite right, so they added feet for me to raise it up a bit.

I need to add some accessories to the console. Not sure what to use, as there are still boys running the halls around here.

Maybe I should just super glue some accessories to it, so they don't come crashing down. Hmmm... I think I'm on to something here. New furniture line perhaps...

So happy with my new little "nook."

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Seriously. What a great idea! You could use those 3M strip thingies to hold your accessories in place!!!

    Kind of kidding.... but it might work, you know!

    Love your little table and mirror, and that the shop added 'feet' is amazing!

  2. It's so elegant and beautiful! I love how it looks against the paint color too. The small console underneath is just right. I think a slender lamp and a white orchid would be pretty there. I noticed you had an outlet behind it. I love lamps in a hallway. Makes them look cozy.

  3. Love the new mirror! It's so elegant and pretty. Love the whole look of that space!

  4. Your little nook has come together very nicely. Thanks for sharing

  5. Carolyn, I love that mirror and what a cute chest. Maybe a small lamp on the end towards the wall so the boys don't knock it off and then some other accessories.

  6. I love your hallway nook, and putting feet on the chest really finished it off nicely. It looks great! as for accessories, since this is a hallway with no windows/naturally light, you can always add a nice faux plant in a baset (if the boys nocked it off it wouldn't be a big deal) and then maybe a sampler/sticthing in a frame sitting on an easel (without the glass in the frame) so once again, if they knock it off it wouldn't be a big deal), or if you like the look of glass you can always go wit a plastic/resin vases and what not since they hold up better than ceramic and glass. What you've got so far looks great and I'd love to see what you come up with for the finished nook! :)

    Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos

  7. It's so pretty, Carolyn. You have lovely taste.

  8. I bet that piece was really ugly before the grey paint - now it's stunning. Your little nook looks fabulous with that great mirror.

    As for the boys knocking things some of the ideas of using 3M strips to attach things. That would definitely work!

  9. Such a pretty space! I have a mirror very similar to yours over my mantle. Picked it up from Pier One and it's one of my favorite pieces!