Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Controlling the Chaos: Keeping Kids Rooms Clean

Happy Spring!! We are having the strangest March EVER, and I am loving it! Temps in the 80s, flowers in full bloom, flip flops and shorts, dinner on the grill... what's not to love?

It's a good thing I started my spring cleaning early, as it's very difficult to stay indoors on these beautiful sunny days! I did manage to spend some time deep-cleaning our master bathroom this weekend.

Ahhh... that's better! I swore when we remodeled this room that I would keep it looking perfect, but let's just say I sometimes fall short of that goal :)

Would you believe that the room that has stayed the tidiest belongs to my oldest sons?

I blogged about cleaning and organizing their room HERE back in January, and it has stayed that way ever since! Some of you have e-mailed me asking how that is possible. Well, I'll admit that it involves a bit of bribery incentive.

I created a task chart.

It includes tasks that I expect them to complete daily: make beds, put clothes away, wipe down sink area.
There are also weekly jobs of dusting and vacuuming, washing sheets and putting laundry away.

The kids receive an allowance at the end of each week. If there are any infractions (I love using that word!), money is deducted from the allowance. Infractions cost fifty cents and include leaving anything out in the room (on floor or dressers) or not completing a daily task. Weekly tasks must be completed on the weekend. Fifty cents is deducted for each day past the weekend that a task is not completed.

This "system" has been a lifesaver!! The kids' room is clean (without my help!), and the boys are learning responsibility and taking pride in their work. It's a win/win! Of course, there are other chores around the house that they do without getting paid. That's just part of being a team player.

Anywho... if you're struggling with messy kids' rooms, this system might just work for you, too!

Now, perhaps I should give myself an infraction when I don't keep our bathroom looking like this...

It sure makes me happy when it's sparkling clean.

Two rooms clean and organized. Many more to go.

Are you a neat freak? Or are you committing some infractions??  :)


  1. What a sweet post - your home is beautiful - I love both the bath and the bedroom - opposites in the color family but so perfect it their own rights. Thanks so much for sharing - Jalon

  2. I would never LEAVE the bathroom if I had one as lovely as yours...so there would be no worry about the cleaning!

    What a lovely space!

    What is the wall colour?

  3. Oh it is all so Very Lovely.. Happy Spring to you. :)

  4. It sounds like you came up with a plan that worked. I always had my kids clean their room after school or they couldn't have a snack or go out. That did the trick! But...being the neat freak I am, I always went into their rooms and made everything look perfect {and they knew!}.

    I love seeing pictures of the boy's room and your lovely bath!

    Happy Spring!


  5. It all looks as if you are ready for a magazine photographer to arrive. Everything is beautiful!!!

  6. My goodness! No wonder your kids keep their room so clean. That's a good way for them to keep to a schedule and get things done. Hope they will continue it when they're teenagers. Mine sure doesn't. Ha! Your bathroom is so pretty and huge (I must say). If my bathroom looked like that, I would want to keep it looking clean all the time too.

  7. I wish I were a neat freak! I need a task chart for myself with a consequence for infractions! Ha! I think when we move, we may start a chart for Jemma. She has small chores that she does to help us like setting the table, but making her bed and things like that are very inconsistent. I have never done the allowance thing but she is only 6! I had read somewhere that you have to do the chores because you are a member of the family. I liked how you said you do it because you are a team player! That is good stuff!

    I would sleep in your bathroom. That is the most gorgeous bathroom!

  8. Ok, first, your bathroom is dreamy! Love the colour and all the smart storage. I would never want to leave! I always got an allowance for completing chores when I was young and it definitely helped keep things clean and tidy - I think it's a great system :) maybe I need the same thing for myself now that I'm an adult too!

  9. Infractions - I love it - I'm going to adopt that word too. Your bathroom is gorgeous! Love your system for the boys - I might have to adopt that too. x Sharon

  10. Every time you show your bathroom, I sigh with envy. It's so lovely - calm and serene.

    Infractions? You bet - it's about choices and right now the choice is to go out into the garden and not clean. I'm sure the cold and grey will reappear and THAT will be the day to do some cleaning.

  11. I would trade bathrooms with you in a heartbeat, even if it were dirty! I just love it, ya'll did such a wonderful re-do!

  12. You do have a beautiful home. Your remodel is fabulous!

  13. I love this idea! Going to have to try it out. I do feel a bit guilty when I'm harping on the kids if their chores aren't done...and then I see MY unmade bed or messy bathroom counter! Good accountability! Your spaces are absolutely gorgeous.