Friday, November 11, 2011

Rockin' Rooms

My third son turned 6 years old yesterday, so my husband and I got him the kind of gift that every responsible, mentally-stable parent gives a young child. I'll give you a hint... it rhymes with dumbsh*t.

Okay, so it doesn't exactly rhyme, but I bet you still guessed it. Apparently we've decided that the sound 4 boys make on a daily basis wasn't bad enough and a drumset was just what we needed to hear ourselves think.  But, I can't help it. I want my kids to play instruments and make music... in spite of the imminent assault on my ears. I'd rather listen to music (no matter how bad) than TV or video games. Or maybe it's because secretly I've always wanted to be like the Partridge Family, even if it means I now have to be Shirley :)

Of course, the addition of the drum set led me to mentally make over the basement playroom into a music room. How cool would that be?

Here are some rooms with features that would rock a music room ...

What future female recording artist wouldn't want this room...

Chelsea Teens room & bath modern kids

Love the hanging guitars and the flags...

Lazzari Kids Room contemporary kids

I love this space with the guitars, map and vintage suitcases...

Kirkwood Home Tour - by Becky Harris

Hip, comfy couch... check! And records on the wall...

via Pinterest

More records on the wall. My kids probably don't have a clue what these are. How weird is that?

You could always paint guitars on the wall. That would save a lot of dough...

Or, how about album covers. We did something similar in our dorm room back in the day...

A big chalkboard wall would be great for writing chords, lyrics or set lists...

While these rooms are all really cool for kids in the basement, how about decorating other rooms in the house using musical instruments? I not only love the sound of music in a home. I love the look of instruments.

For example, check out these lovely pianos. I could have one in every room.

Even instrument cases add interest and texture to this space...

There is something I love about a string instrument hanging on the wall or propped in the corner.

Source: via Tracy on Pinterest

And, even a drum set can look "pretty" in the right setting...

If you've spent a lot of money on your kids' drums and music lessons, but he has no interest in becoming the next Ringo Starr, take heart. You can always use the drums for other purposes around your home.

Perhaps you need a unique coffee table...

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

Or some bedside tables...

Or a new lamp...

Source: via Aphtaen on Pinterest

So, what do you think? Am I crazy? Do you play an instrument or decorate your home with them? Perhaps you have a music room? I'm not sure what will become of the basement band room, but I can assure you it will look nothing like this...


As I contemplate the music room, the closest location for purchasing earplugs (and my sanity), I leave you with these words of wisdom...

Hope your weekend rocks!!

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  1. I have 2 boys and one of them plays the guitar and he has several in his room. My other one is just learning to play the recorder in music class at school. so, we'll see if music is in his future. They jury is still out on that one. I must say I'm happy that we never had a drum set though. They are so loud! But.....if he loves it and is good at it, then that's all that matters. You can always buy some ear plugs if not. ha! those rooms you featured are really nice. you'll have fun making a music room.

  2. OMG!
    Fabulously unusual and creative posr!
    Love seeing all these great ideas for a music themed space. I also love the painted upright pianos. Brings them into the room decor in a mush better way.... with come color!

    I wanted to respond to your question and see what you have been up to here on your blog, Carolyn!

    Yes! $20 seems high for a horseshoe. I think something between $4 -7 each sounds normalish. :) New word!

    Hope that helps!

  3. You are so wise to give him a musical instrument. I agree wholeheartedly with you in introducing music as opposed to Tv and video games.

    I don't know about the drum pieces having a second life as furnishings.
    Keep Rocking

  4. Is your son getting lessons...that may make it more bearable for you!! Or you can take a lot of showers in a closed tight bathroom!!

    I love the room with the white piano...that's as close as I'd get to a music room. And no, I don't play an instrument, but have always wanted to learn piano. But I just love the white room!!


  5. I made my now 32 year old son wait till he was 12 to get a set of drums. I think he was around nine when he started asking. He is actually very good and was in a Christian band and he does occasionally play for church. I am at his house sitting across from his drums now.

  6. I did the same thing (sorta). My son got an electric guitar when he was 8 years old. Listening to someone LEARN how to play on one of those can cause deafness, lol. We enclosed our garage and made into a music/tv room. Since it is not a part of the main house structure, I can't hear a thing when he is in there. The basement idea of yours is a good one! Good luck :)

  7. What a fun post, Carolyn! My son is an avid guitarist, and I can't wait to share this with him.
    You're a brave and loving mom to buy your son a drum set!
    Have a lovely day,
    ~ Wendi ~

  8. Loved this post!! My kids call our formal living room "the music room" because that is where they mostly practise their instruments. Between them they play the flute, the guitar, the sax and recorder with various degrees of badness and everytime they practise, the dog howls. I would still rather listen to that than the sound of TV games! Drums though - that is brave! x Sharon

  9. Just think, you will have years to keep on rocking! The rooms are so inspirational!

    Thanks for sharing at Potpourri Friday!

  10. oh my gosh! crazy? perhaps... but you seem to have all the bases covered - what to do with the drums if it doesn't all pan out and a fun decorating project in the meantime - it's not all bad! And just think of how happy you'll be when your kids become Phil Collins and make millions xo

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