Monday, November 7, 2011

Living Room Design Plan

I've been working on a design plan for my living room, and here's what I've decided....

My living room would be freaking awesome if money were no object. Ha!

Oh, but where's the fun in that? It's all about the hunt for less expensive items, the thrill of finding a bargain, and the creativity in piecing together a fabulous room for less. Right?

Well, while I try to convince myself of this, I thought I'd show you how I'm hoping to pull the room together.

Here's a look at what I have to work with...

If you can see beyond the dimly lit, grainy photos, you'll see I have a pretty neutral canvas...

I love the new dark floors and white walls. Now, I just need to spice things up a bit.

Here's the design board I created to get me started...

Here's a shot of some fabrics I'm considering.

I really love the floral Magnolia fabric on the right. I'd like to recover the top of the ottoman in it and make a pillow out of it. I also like the geometric fabric next to it as a pillow.

I think the room is lacking in upholstered pieces. Our last living room was smaller, and our furniture looks a little lost in this room. Therefore, I'd like to replace the small coffee table with an upholstered ottoman like this one from Ballard Designs...

I'd like to get two ottoman cubes for under the desk. Thought they would soften all the hard surfaces and provide additional seating. Of course, who really wants to sit on a cube? Maybe my 2 year old.

Speaking of seating, I want to add another chair (or two) to the room. I am in love with this Louis chair below. Does anyone know the source?? I found the photo on Pinterest, but couldn't find any additional information.

I like the other chair in this room, too. In fact, if whoever owns this room would just give me the two chairs and the ottoman, I'd be good to go!

I've got two of these cabinets that I got years ago at an architectural salvage place.

I'm planning to paint the shelves a robin's egg blue and add some new hardware.

Of course, my dream room would include one of Steve Giannetti's "Watercolors" paintings...

and some sort of cool lantern, like this Wisteria one...

But, for now, I really need to just pick out some fabric and get rolling on the pillows. 

I would love to hear what you think. Don't hold back. If you have any suggestions on fabric or upholstered pieces or what to make for dinner, I'm all ears!! 

Thanks, friends!! Have a great day :)

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  1. I love all your ideas. Those fabrics are great. I have seen that picture somewhere because I remember all the different pillows. I don't know if it is Traditional Home or another magazine.

  2. Your room is going to look beautiful! I like the fabrics you picked out and the ottoman, too. In the picture with the Louis chair, the furniture is pulled away from the walls...maybe you could consider that to make it more cozy. Have fun!! :-)


  3. Your room is beautiful without a thing done to I can only imagine when you get busy how really incredible its going to be, love your inspiration and the fabrics are fabulous...good luck!

  4. This would be beautiful! I just put two of those exact two square ottomans in apple green leather with the same nailheads into a client's home. They are in their 60's and they report that people DO use them. They are made by Wesley Hall. The floral fabric is beautiful and painting the back of the corner cabinets would look awesome. There's my two cents, but for you, it's free!!!!

  5. Love love love your palette. That room is already amazing. Your inspiration image has a rug. Are you considering a rug?? Cant wait to see the results.

  6. Oh I LOVE the look you are going for...the colors are wonderful! I ADORE that floral fabric. I have seen that inspiration picture somewhere, too, and thought it was AWESOME!

    The bones of your room are great and it is just waiting for your "touch". xo Diana

  7. I love everything you've picked out! Beautiful! I like the suggestions given, to pull the furniture out if you can and to add a rug. Rugs add such warmth to a room. Can't wait to see the progress!

  8. I think you're headed in the right direction. I love all of your choices. I agree that an upholstered ottoman would make a great coffee table and soften the room. I would add an area rug too. I love the lantern you selected. A chandelier would also be pretty. I look forward to seeing your changes take place.

  9. You have such a beautiful space to work with and the bits and pieces you have already accumulated are perfect. I love the colour scheme you've chosen! Can't wait to see it's progress. x Sharon

  10. Sounds absolutely perfect to me!
    And what fun would it be without having to do it on a budget? That's where the fun lies! :)

  11. Beautiful. I love the space you're working with to begin with! While I love white and I like the almost colonial look to your space, I like that the fabrics and colours you've chosen add a bit of warmth without completely changing the fresh , clean look.

    What a beautiful blog! I;m just here from Happy Homemaker UK, how nice to 'meet' you!

  12. You have a beautiful room and great ideas! Is it possible to move the corner cabinet (by the piano) so that both cabinets are on either side of the room opening? (I know that sounds confusing....) It just seems really heavy in that corner and takes away from the beauty of the piano. Then to0 when the cabinet interior is painted and filled ??? Just a thought, cant wait to see it finished!

  13. I love your fabric and inspiration board, it is going to look beautiful. You have a great living room. Have fun with it and yes keep reminding your self that it is the thrill of the hunt! ;)

  14. So so pretty. Some of my very favorite fabrics. You've chosen great pieces.

  15. Beautiful seems the seagrass pulls it all together. I have bergere chairs like that in my bedroom, but I got them at an antique store and just recovered them. Good luck~

  16. I found your blog from Savvy Southern Style. Would you mind sharing who makes the blue floral fabric? I have been hunting for months for the perfect fabric for my living room. Thanks!

  17. @shoppingrl... I totally understand what you mean about the cabinet. I actually moved it there so the piano wouldn't look out of scale, but it might be too crowded. May have to do some rearranging. Thanks for the suggestion!

    @Jeanna... the fabric is Magnolia. I think the pattern is called Gootar. I love it!!

  18. love your room and colour scheme..i agree with shopping seems a little crowded in the corner with the piano. i would also suggest swaping the sofa/love seat and the desk/mirror as the wall between the corner cabinets is larager and it may fit there better. i also think the piano may look better in front of one of the windows and possibly the corner where you have the chair/ottoman. either way, i know you will end up with a lovely room & can't wait to see it finished!

  19. Have you had a chance to implement any of your ideas? I would love to see the Magnolia Gootar fabric applied to your design. By the way, I just saw your full home tour, and your home is absolutely gorgeous! The bones are great (so much charm), and your design skills make it look so warm and inviting.