Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Painted House Reveal

This week marked a major milestone.

My baby started kindergarten.

After 14 years of having a little person home with me, all my boys are now in school. I kept waiting to turn into a giant puddle, but it didn't happen. I'm not sure if it's denial or peace with what's meant to be (or the fact that I'm old), but I feel ready to embrace this next stage of life. Who knows… maybe I have delayed mourning and will be sobbing at the bus stop tomorrow… we'll see...

Luckily, I had a crew of people around so I couldn't dwell too much on my buddy being gone. Of course, the crew wasn't really there to keep me company. They were painting the house…. finally!!

Here is a before shot (obviously from Fall)...

And here it is after...

I went more gray and slightly darker than the previous color with SW Intellectual Gray. The shutters went from green to SW Urbane Bronze.

We added more trim color to accentuate the windows and the home's character. You can see in this before photo how most of the house was the siding color with very little trim color...

And after, the windows and dormers stand out more with the trim paint...

Pay no mind to the weeds :)

Another change was painting the front door and sidelights the same color. I wanted to try out the look, and since the front door is being replaced soon, I figured we could experiment with the color.

I think I like it.

I'm glad to finally have this project crossed off the list, so I can stop obsessing over the paint color!

I am working on a new client project, and will be sharing some progress pics on Instagram this week, so keep up with me there. It's going to be quite the transformation. Can't wait!!

Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend!


  1. What color are the doors and sidelights?

    1. The doors, sidelights and shutters are all SW Urbane Bronze.

  2. Carolyn your home has always been a favorite of mine...the new colors look fabulous! I love the darker door and sidelights.

  3. love it! thinking I need to test out the urbane bronze when we paint our outside. love it on your house!

  4. Love the colors! What color was your trim paint?

  5. I'm building a home and am considering intellectual gray. What I'm really desperate to know is the brand and color of your asphalt shingles? Beautiful house.