Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Shopping: Franklin, TN

Greetings from Music City!

I am in Nashville this week, while my son is attending The Jam Camp.

It's a day camp, which means he needs a place to come home to when he's done jamming. I offered to stay down here in a hotel and spend my days exploring and shopping Nashville while he is at camp. I am totally selfless like that.

If you are following me on Instagram, you may have caught some snippets of my shopping adventures. If you are not following me on IG, you need to be.

Because if I'm out shopping alone, I can post a pic of a really cool dry sink.

And, you can comment and say, "Oh my gosh, that is the most awesome dry sink ever."

And, I can write, "Not sure if I need a dry sink."

And, you say, "Who doesn't need a dry sink. You should totally buy that!"

See how that works? Good. So follow me, and I'll follow you, and we can help each other out just like that. (And, I am not kidding at all about the dry sink. Debating about getting it. I'll post a pic on IG later.)

Anyway… today I was shopping in the picturesque town of Franklin. It is a quaint, historical town that happens to have some great shops.

My first stop was The Iron Gate on Main Street. Upon entering, I was greeted with this loveliness…

The store is filled with beautiful lighting, linens, furniture and accessories. Lots of eye candy.

I wanted to walk out with one of their bedroom displays…

How gorgeous is this vignette?…

My next stop was Scarlett Scales on Second Ave.

I did not take enough pictures. But, trust me. Go here if you get a chance. I loved so many things, and I thought her prices were reasonable.

I picked up some vintage bottles to add to my collection.

I like this clever idea of putting candles into some of the bottles.

I had just a few minutes left, so I popped into the Franklin Antique Mall across the street and found this faux bamboo pagoda mirror...

It came home with me. My mirror addiction knows no bounds.

Gotta run… going to tour the Ryman. I'll be back with more from Nashville…

Happy Hump Day, friends!!


  1. What a great shop...sooooooo many pretty things!!

  2. How fun, what a great mom. I was lucky enough to visit Nashville with my husband while he was on a business trip. They had amazing antique shops, I saw so much I wanted to take home. Alaina

  3. I've heard of Franklin and I am scheming to find a way to get there. This post is my push!! Thanx. Look forward to more of TN!!!!

    Jane xx

  4. Where in the heck is this fabulous looking place? I need to be there shopping!! Loved going through your home tour pics. Such a beautiful place you have.