Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hunting for an Antique Bed

I loved reading about how you have decorated your tween's rooms. And I will heed your advice to create a room that will grow with my son.  As you'll see, the style of room I have in mind should probably suit him well into his 90s :)

My head is spinning with ideas that I want to incorporate in the room, and I'll be sharing those with you  in several posts.

Today I'll start with my son's first request for the room... a bed. Gosh. That kid is so demanding!

Although the room is small, I'd love to fit a full-size antique bed in there. We have 6 twin beds in the house, and I don't think I can stomach buying another one. Love the old brass.

Antique iron is cool, too.

Or I could go with a 4 post wooden bed.

How cool are these spindle beds?

Obviously, this bedroom is a bit girlie, but the bed could work for anyone.

Hoping I can find an interesting antique bed to kick start the room. I've been checking ebay and craigslist, but haven't lucked out yet. I've found a few options, but they were either missing bed slats or wouldn't fit a full-size mattress or were too expensive. Or they were 800 miles away. You know, just slight issues like that.

Do you have an antique bed? Anything I need to look out for?? 

Have a great weekend :)


  1. Ha! My teenage son's bed is on a basic frame, no headboard. lol He didn't want one! The bedding is a black, red and white graphic and his walls display his vintage album collection and images of guitars. If I even MENTIONED an antique bedframe, I cannot imagine the epic eye roll I would get!!!!! lol

  2. Antique beds can be touchy things! If it is an antique brass or metal bed, be sure to check the joints where the side rails slip into the head and foot boards! If there are cracks be careful, because they break easily. Once broken, welding repairs don't hold up well.
    With antique wooden beds, the latches on the side rails that go into the headboard and foot boards may squeak, making for a noisy sleep! This has been my experience with antique beds! I still love them though!

  3. The only tip I have you may already do while searching craigslist. But regardless, I thought I'd mention it here. Make sure you consider common (and dialect-induced) misspellings in your searches. It broadens your search because often the posts have the keyword misspelled. For instance, I have seen "rod iron" instead of wrought iron, "dinning" instead of dining, "chester drawers" instead of chest of drawers, and even "draws" instead of drawers. Some of those would be overlooked by spellcheck because the terms used are actually words, just not the correct ones.

  4. I have two sons age 20 and 23. Both are tall so we always purchase extra long twin mattresses. One son slept in a full bed for several years without a footboard . My advice would be to find something that does not have a footboard. Full size beds run short.

  5. Be careful buying an antique bed if you are going to be using it on a daily basis. I bought a beautiful sleigh bed that was about 50 years old. The wood was brittle enough that the bottom of the side rails split away from the rail..and the bed fell to the ground (WITH company in it-OMG!;>) Blessings and good luck! xo Diana

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