Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dining Chair Contender: Chinese Chippendale

This weekend I am finally listing my dining table and chairs on craigslist. That means I really need to step up my search for dining chairs.

You may recall that I purchased a dining table and host/hostess chairs, but I'm on the hunt for 8 side chairs. There are so many great options out there, and I'll be featuring a few of my favorite contenders.

First up: the Chinese Chippendale chair...

Katie Rosenfeld Design

via Bamboofurniture

via House Beautiful

via Cote de Texas
via Pinterest

via BHG
via Pinterest

via Harper's Bazaar

via Pinterest

Sherrill Canet

I love the intricate detail of the fretwork, the fun color options, the style and the texture these chairs add to a room.

I know I don't need any armchairs, but how cool are these wingback ones??

via Greige Design
What do you think of these Chinese Chippendale chairs? Are you a fan? I'll be back with some of my other dining chair options soon. 

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day!!


  1. I love them all! You and I like a lot of the same things!
    Have a Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Love em all. Hope those little guys give you lots and lots of Mother's Day kisses and sticky hugs.

  3. I have these:

    I've been wondering what they would look like painted! :) Ours have a kind of a light/medium honey color finish and different fabric but the framing and detail is exactly the same.

    If you find out the name of those chairs please post it! They were gifted to me several years ago (a hand-me down, technically) but I would love a couple more.

    They're very sturdy in my opinion and I can tell you that the padding is excellent. Very comfortable and it is still holding up well after many years of use by us and the previous owners too.

  4. OMGOSH! What a lot of options. I like just about all of them...but ya know, I am just not crazy about the Chippendale ones....just me...

    Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day- xoDiana

  5. LOVE L•O•V•E LOVE. I just have one that I use as a side chair.

  6. Love them! Especially done in a colour :)
    Hope your boys are treating you to a wonderful Mother's Day!

  7. I think they would look good in your home because it is traditional. Since they have alot of pattern, a large dining room would be needed and luckily you have that. I think they would be a great choice. Good luck on the sale of your other chairs.

  8. Oh my goodness...I am love with everyone of those DR images. Chippendale for sure!

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