Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Favorite Room, More Flea Market Finds and a Great Book

Hi. Remember me? I fell off the blogosphere for a while. Blogger wouldn't let me leave comments on other blogs and my computer was having internet issues, so I shut down my laptop and picked up a book. And, then I couldn't put the book down. 

If you're looking for an incredible read, might I suggest "Unbroken" by Laura Hillenbrand. It is the unbelievable true story of Olympic runner and WWII POW, Louie Zamperini. I promise that you will LOVE it, and you will want to discuss it. So, go read it and then come back here and talk to me about it :)

Thought I'd share with you one of the rooms in my house where you're likely to catch me reading. Just through the french doors in the master bedroom is our sunroom.

I love spending time in the sunroom because, well, it's just so darn sunny in there.

As you can see, my new dry sink found a home in this room.

Did you spot my other flea market find in the photo? It's a vintage egg crate.

I realize the paint is not vintage, but once again, it was the turquoise color that got me. I think for now I'll use it as a magazine holder.

These Ball jars were also from the flea market. I've seen them overpriced in local antique stores, but they were a bargain in Springfield... and there were TONS of them from which to choose.

Here's a view of the other side of the room.

I know that fake flowers are a major faux pas, and they were all banished from the house with the exception of my peony arrangement. I don't care. I like it :)

The only real plants that survive around here are my succulents.

And, there's always the low-maintenance rock collection option.

This is the kids' art table, which is being outgrown much too quickly for my liking.

My oldest has graduated to the easel. One of his latest creations is on display there now.

Hope you've enjoyed your visit to my sunroom. It's really a great space to sit in the sun, have a cup of coffee, relax and enjoy the solitude. Oh, who am I kidding? I am never alone.

But, at least I have really cute company.

The sunroom is also accessible through our family room, which you can catch a glimpse of here.

I'll show you that room some day. Right now the floor is covered in legos. 

The sunroom is my favorite reading spot. Where do you curl up with a good book?

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  1. Your sunroom is indeed very inviting and that handsome young boy can stay and keep me company. He looks like he has some fun stories to tell.
    Your dry sink looks great and is very practical

  2. How gorgeous! I love those slip covered chairs! Did you buy the covers somewhere? I'd love to know the source if you did. I have two parsons chairs that I'm dying to recover. Such a serene room and the pool view is the icing on the cake!

  3. So pretty and inviting. The eggcrate is wonderful. I'm drawn to that greenish blue hue.

  4. Love the dry sink! What a relaxing place to hang out! I second Tammy...would love to know the slip source. Taking a break from unpacking by blog surfing. Time to get back to work!

  5. I love the new accessories. My little boy is almost 15 and I still can't decorate with anything breakable.

  6. Your sunroom is SO pretty! I wish I had a special room like that in my house. We just have the standard living room, eat-in kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, family room. Boring! lol My favorite place for curling up and reading is the couch in the living room. I love the view out my living room windows - lot of trees - and the cats usually join me on the couch. The book you mentioned (Unbroken) is on my reading list already. She's also the author of Seabiscuit, but I'm sure you knew that. :-)

  7. Love the blue Ball jars, the wicker furniture and your slip covered chairs. What a lovely room. The only place I read anymore is in bed for 5 minutes before I fall asleep! Must be getting old...

  8. What a great sunroom. I have always wanted a room like this in a house. Cute slip covered chairs too. Thanks for sharing with the newbie party.

  9. Your sunroom is so warm and inviting. I could definitely spend some time in there. I have a screened in porch that we live on about 9 months of the year. But in the wintertime, I would love to have a sunroom like yours.

  10. Just beautiful! That dry sink is a really awesome piece too. Swoon..


  11. I'd kill to have a sunroom like your! I love turquoise too, and your dry sink table is really nice.

  12. I love your sunroom! No wonder you love spending so much time in there - it's so inviting. Loving your dry sink and the egg crate is my favourite colour. I'm really missing my Muskoka sunroom - the daybed in there was so dreamy (literally!) :)

  13. Linking from Debbie's Doos...Love the dry sink!

  14. Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad to have found tours too!

  15. What a wonderful room! I love your decor. The dry sink is beautiful!

  16. What a sunny and relaxing looking room! I do love all the pop of pretty blue/green-

  17. Oh Carolyn thank you so much for leaving me such a lovely message, I'm thrilled to have found your brilliant blog! What a beautiful house and such great style!!! I will look forward to watching your gorgeous transformations now I am a new and very happy follower! Warmest sunny wishes from England - Glenda

  18. I dream of having a sunroom and yours is filled with beautiful inspiration. What about that view of the pool? So nice!

    I hope you enjoy your summer! :-)


    Luciane at

  19. I love your sunroom! The painting on the wall, the furniture, the blue's all just perfect. I'd love to have a room like that.

  20. Your sun room is beautiful! I could spend many hours in there.

    Your new follower

  21. What a great your egg cute!

  22. What a lovely the aqua accents! Thanks for following, now I'm following too :) Chat soon, Laurel

  23. Ahhh...floors covered in Legos...I totally relate to that!! Your sun room is absolutely gorgeous and I think you have done a wonderful job with it. It is light and bright and full of charm! Thanks so much for sharing it (and the pic of your darling boy) with us at Inspiration Friday! :-)

  24. Your sunroom is lovely. I have a sunroom in our current house, & it's where I've always enjoyed reading. We'll be moving soon, to a home that does not have a sunroom (at least not right now), but it does have a sitting room which I see as a great place to read. Thanks for sharing & welcome back to blogging.

  25. Very lovely indeed! I really love those green/aqua details--the side table is gorgeous.

  26. What a nice and cozy room to use as you curl up and read! You have some great accessories going in there. That dry sink's color is amazing. Love the ball jars, too- I'm assuming that you meant the S'field Extravaganza is where you found them? I love the spring and fall shows there. I'm from Dayton, so it was only a short drive away. Visiting from the sisters' party.
    :-) Sue