Thursday, March 3, 2011

What's Behind Door #3?

My bathroom remodeling project has opened a lot of doors for me.  I mean, literally. There have been doors. Three different doors to be exact.

One of the biggest challenges in designing the new layout for the bathroom was the door between the master bedroom and bathroom.  The original door, which swung into the bathroom, would not work with the design that I wanted.  If it swung open to the left, it would block the closet door, and if it swung in the other direction, it would block the entrance to the water closet.

We thought about reversing it, and having it pull open into the bedroom.  But, that didn't work either.  A pocket door was the logical solution, and we were thrilled to learn that the existing wall could accommodate one.

Originally, I had envisioned a frosted glass pocket door, but the ones my contractor showed me were too expensive, and a bit too ornate for my taste.  We decided that they would just put in a 6 panel wood door to match the other doors in our home.

Now, I have to tell you that one of the things I love about my house is the fact that it is really well-built.  The builder used quality materials and paid attention to detail.  So, when the contractor said he'd match the door to the others in the house, I expected to see a door of the same quality.  Imagine my surprise, when I saw what was behind Door #1.

The door was hollow, had a lovely raised faux wood grain (you know, to make it look authentic), and was feather-light.  I'm fairly certain that there was no real wood involved at all in the making of Door #1.  Keep in mind that I'm going to be locking myself into the bathroom to escape little people, but that doesn't mean little people won't be knocking on the door.  I also know a certain 2-year-old who would have a lot of fun sliding the door open and closed.  One false move, and that bad boy (the door... not the kid) would be coming off its track.  

We expressed our concern to our contractor, and he had a solution.  He would take our original door, fill in the hole where the hardware had been, and turn it into a pocket door.  Thus, the original door became Door #2.

But, in true "game show" fashion, I was still nagged by the thought that another door could reveal something a bit more exciting.  I was perusing some design blogs one night when I stumbled upon this beautiful bedroom and bathroom remodel by Chania at Razmataz.  You can check it out here.  I saw her door, and my heart stopped. 

Not only was this door the one I had originally envisioned for my space, Chania had scored it for a mere $99 at Home Depot.  Cha-ching!  I couldn't get to HD fast enough.

I found a similar door, but not at the same amazing price.  Wah wah wah...  However, it was much less expensive than the original frosted glass door options, far superior quality to Door #1, and a lot more exciting than Door #2.

Well, shut the door!  I love it!

The door situation taught me a valuable lesson.  When you are working with a contractor, don't expect him/her to ask your approval on every detail.  You need to ask questions, be very specific about what you want, and stay on top of all the details.  If you don't, you may end up staring at an ugly composite door for the rest of your life.

So now you know the story behind the door.  Wait til you hear about the windows...


  1. Remodeling is truly an adventure. It's good you found a door that you like.

  2. Nice to meet you...glad you found my blog. Come join me on Mondays for the newbie party as well. I look forward to it and your bedroom reveal.

  3. It looks amazing...I actually prefer the slightly stockier look to mine. Glad it worked out after all those tries.


  4. Wow! I LOVE that door! So, when is the new bathroom warming party? ♥

  5. I love Chania's bathroom - great inspiration to chose. Your door looks perfect and definitly so much better than a regular old slab door would have looked.

  6. Your bath renovation is beautiful! I'd love to have a bathroom like this. Found you through your feature with Remodelaholic! I was featured, as well! Hope you'll stop by!

    ~Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage

  7. Oh - I hope you're still listening! Please tell me where you got your door and what kind of glass is in it? IT's exactly what I'm looking for! I want those doors on my bedrooms and foyer. Please, please tell me where you got it! Thanks so much - such a great idea.

  8. Hi Lynne... I'm listening! The door is the
    Feather River Door Interior Door - 5 Lite Privacy, special order through Home Depot. Good luck!

  9. Choosing what door is best for a room is really challenging. Good thing you have a contractor that you can consult regarding the matter. And by looking at your chosen door, it looks like it's coming along nicely. The glass design on it gave it an elegant look overall.

    Lynne Halloran @ Suburban Glass Service